Edge/Chrome Resolving host and slow network in Windows 10 creators update

I was able to use the Microsoft Edge and Chrome to access webpages in Internet on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10. After installed the Creators Update, the contents of website load very slowly and the “Resolving host” status keep showing on the bottom of browsers all over the place. Then I remove the Intel Network Connections Driver and reinstall it and get a normal fast internet. However, the problem happens after the next restart. How can I resolve it and get it working on my tablet? Continue reading

Fix Invalid IP Configuration error in Windows 10 WiFi/Ethernet

Many people suddenly lost the network connectivity and showing limited connectivity in Windows 10, because their WiFi or Ethernet connection has Invalid IP Configuration. That happen on DSL, fiber, cable, and multiple types of routers. I also experience that after my Surface Pro 3 upgraded from Windows 8. I used IP release/renew command and rebooted only resolved it temporarily and then it came back again. Continue reading

Monitor/Show IP Address in Start Screen on Surface Pro Windows 8

Many computer newbie often come across some network problem, like the IP address of my tablet. Some one always asks how to check IP Address of the Surface Pro Windows 8. By default, you have to enter CMD in the searching part of charms bar and then type IPconfig command to get the information, but the steps are inconvenient. Continue reading

How to Disable IPv6 in Surface Pro Windows 8

IPv6 is a Internet protocol supported in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. If you are experiencing certain network issues with legacy equipment and DNS in certain environments on your Surface Pro tablet or Windows 8 computer, ipv6 may cause the problems and you could try to disable the feature. But unchecking IPv6 box in the properties of a LAN/network adapter is not working. Continue reading