How to Install Facebook Video call on Windows 8

With new Video Calling feature, you are able to connect with Facebook and have face-to-face high quality video calls with friends and family by web browser in the social network. When I sign into FB using Internet Explorer 10 on my Surface Pro Windows 8 and try to download and install current version Plugin, the setup process is not working and shows cannot be run this program message. How can I fix the issues on Windows 8 tablet or PC? Continue reading

How To Downgrade Internet Explorer 10 to IE9 in Windows 8

As a new version of web browser, Internet Explorer 10 is the default biilt-in browser seamlessly integrated into Windows 8. If you don’t want to use the it and decided to downgrade back to IE9, try the step by step solution about how to downgrade Internet Explorer 10 to IE9 on Surface Pro or Windows 8 computer. Continue reading

Fix Office 2013 active content removed error in Windows 8

When I try to activate Office 2013 in my Surface Pro Windows 8, a error message “Active content removed” pops up. The window has “Enter a product key instead” link and a greyed out Next button. Disabling Symantec firewall temporarily but still not working. I really need to activate the product. Is there a way to solve the office problem? Continue reading

How to Remove Mixi.DJ Toolbar in Windows 8 Pro

I use IE 10 to access website on my Surface Pro Windwos 8. Today I find that an un-welcomed MIXI.DJ toolbar has downloaded itself and pretends to be a common application. I open Control Panel and uninstall it in programs but it still stays and now has replaced my homepage with its own one over my browsers. How to get rid of the malware or virus? Continue reading

Uninstall Internet Explorer 10 on Surface Pro Windows 8

Microsoft has improved Internet Explorer 10 with many great features, such as two browsing, touch optimized. However, many geeks hate the built-in Internet Explorer 10 app coming with Windows 8 and want to get rid of it. Here are the tips about how to remove or uninstall Internet Explorer 10 completely on Surface Pro Windows 8. Continue reading