Fix Windows 10 cannot Import/transfer photos from camera

The Libraries feature tracks of your images incredibly easy and allows users to import pictures from a digital camera or mobile device in Windows 7. However, after my computer had been upgraded to Windows 10, such function became broken and I could not find a way to download them when pluging that device in. It showed the number of pictures I have on the camera but never transfer them. Continue reading

How to import .nk2 files into Outlook 2013

For the earlier versions, Outlook’s auto-complete or nickname cache (*.NK2) is the entire autocomplete file on your hard drive. But Outlook 2013 doesn’t maintaine your nickname cache by the.nk2 file, and only stores the cache in the data or mailbox file. If you have multiple Outlook profiles on different PCs, here are the tips about how to import .nk2 files into Outlook 2013. Continue reading

Import Outlook Express into Windows 8 mail app

My old computer running Windows XP has All my email going back many years on Outlook Express. I want to import the Outlook Express Address Book into Windows Mail app? I have backed up all emails and saved them as .dbx files onto a flash drive. How to migrate these addresses so I can access all my old messages and email addresses on Surface Pro Windows 8? Continue reading