Internet Explorer 10 Message from webpage Object Error

When I access certain webpages using Internet Explorer 10 on my Windows 8 pro 64-bit computer over wifi, IE 10 always pops up error message “Message from webpage..Object Error”. That make me no way to view the page and the browser stop working. Refering the link and enabling compatibility view are still not working. Continue reading

Setup sd card as primary download/save location on Windows 8/RT

My Surface RT has stored lots of movies and now gets a few storage space. I want to use my external sd card as the place where my downloaded music/videos from apps saves to. Anyone have an idea how to set up or change download location from tablet memory to sd card in MIsrosoft Surface? Continue reading

Does silverlight work on IE 10 in RT

Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful development tool and available as a plug-in for web browsers on Windows and Mac OS. It is similar to those of Adobe Flash that works fine on my Surface RT tablet. When I try to play video powered by Silverlight 5 in many websites like Comcast on IE 10, it doesn’t work at all. How can I get it working? Continue reading