How to watch and download Netflix Movies Offline in Windows 10

Lots of people use Netflix service to stream online movies and television shows. Netflix provided offline viewing support on Android and iOS devices if you don’t have available Internet connection like on a plane, and finally brings this functionality to Windows 10. It works perfectly on Surface Pro 4 tablet or Windows 10 computer. Continue reading

Fix blurry/fuzzy text font Enable High-DPI Support For Application in Windows 10 Creators Update

I have used a 4K display with my Windows 10 computer upgraded to Creators Update. When I open Chrome browser to access webpage, I face the blurry fonts or images and the user interface appears distorted and fuzzy and Chrome becomes unreadability. But I can not find the option to disable display scaling function. The issues also happen with some others. How can fix it to turn back to normal? Continue reading

Increase ScrollBar Width in Windows 10 Edge and File Explorer

In Windows 10, the scrollbar of Edge browser is too small. When you access any webpage and want to scroll down/up the contents, the scrollbar is hard to find out and too narrow while its default width side need to be increased. This is not good thing for touch screen and I have to revert back to use a mouse. The same problem also happen with the File Explorer. Any way to configure the option? Continue reading

How To boot Into SAFE MODE Without Logging In windows 10/8

Windows 10/8 use the UEFI fast boot method to prevent operating system from getting any keystrokes, so you are not allowed to press F8 key to get into safe mode. By default many people do that through the Setting app to troubleshoot any problem regarding the drivers and others. However, it requires to log in system, while those methods below also let you boot into SAFE MODE quickly. Continue reading

How to schedule Night Light and set color temperatures in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Creators Update known as Redstone 2 has added Night Light for reducing Blue Light while improving sleep quality, and it is similarly to the f.lux utility or iOS with Night Shift. This new feature makes color temperatures warmer and dim the backlight of your display to reduce eye strain and become more comfortable. Here are the how-to tutorials to turn it on/off and configure that. Continue reading

How to remove Used Images from Desktop Background History in Windows 10/8 Setting app

The classic personalization way has been removed in Windows 10/8, while you can change Desktop background image through Personalization > Background in the Settings app. I configured some wallpapers on my Surface Pro 4, not long after I liked, so I decided to restore the default wallpapers. But I don’t find the names of the folders in the list and could not figure out how to remove them by such option. Continue reading

How to Print multiple photos on one sheet in Windows 10

I have the old Photo Viewer on my Windows 7 computer and it is easy to use. However, after upgrade to Windows 10 anniversary update, I could not figure out how to pick up and print multiple photos on one sheet. Now I would like to deal with 2 or more items in photo app to have four 3 x 6 photos on one page. I don’t want to print one photo per page for my projects. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to disable Page Prediction in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome in Windows 10

The Page Prediction technique is available in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Opera browsers and used for improving the speed of browsing, and also making your overall experience better. However, it will track and share your visiting websites, typing words and the purchases you make. If you would like to stop the prying eyes with your privacy and save your bandwidth in Windows 10, the best method is to turn it off completely through setting. Continue reading

How to show Tab Preview Bar or refresh All Tabs in Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge is compatible for the modern Web and more secure than Internet Explorer. The Windows 10 Creators Update bring many new features to this default browser, such as the Tab Preview Bar and get the updated data of opened webpages in one click. Here are the tutorials about how to enable and use them for helping you improve efficiency. Continue reading

How to take screenshot of entire/part of screen in Windows 10

Taking the screenshots can share what’s on your screen of device and offers useful information. Now the Windows 10 Creators Update bring a way to capture a specific region of your screen using the Win + Shift + S keys, which is based on the OneNote 2016 feature. Here are the how-to tutorials without third-part software. Continue reading