Hibernate sleep missing and not work in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I had setup Hybrid sleep mode on my Windows 7 computer which comes with the Intel i5 460m and 6GB RAM. I was able to restore any opened documents and programs from hard disk and resume my workd quickly if a power failure occured. However, after the device upgraded to Windows 10 and install the anniversary update, the Hybrid sleep is missing and will not work automatically. Continue reading

Disable Hibernate or add Hibernate option in Start menu on Windows 10

Without shutting your tablet or computer down or put it in sleep mode, you can also set your device in a Hibernation state. Primarily designed for laptops, Hibernation takes a snapshot of your system files and drivers and saves the current state of your PC to your hard drive before power down, so you can continue to all your previous work when it start. Here are some tips to use the function. Continue reading

How to Enable missing Hibernate Mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 does not contain the Hibernate option by default, and you might want to get back the power button with other features like in Windows 8/7. Hibernate mode uses the Hiberfil.sys hidden system file which is located in the root folder of the drive. If you make a disk cleanup and delete such file, the button will be disappear. Continue reading

How to add hibernate shortcut in Windows 8.1 Power Menu

Windows 8.1 has got back the start button as known as “Power user menu”. If you right click on it, you would notice that the Hibernate is not available within Shutdown option (just Sleep, Shut down, Restart). The Hibernate mode saves data with running app to hard disk and turns into a low-power sleep mode. Continue reading