Calibrate Display For HDR video/game in Windows 10

HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR) is relatively well-established in the living room, but it is still undercooked with PC which has the limited hardware options. The NETFLIX can offer test Patterns to configure your HDR display and stream HDR video in the native app and in the Edge browser. Now the Windows 10 build 17063 also comes with a simple way to calibrate your display and optimize it for HDR videos and games. Continue reading

How to change SDR white level for HDR output in Windows 10

The Windows 10 17040 insider adds a white level slider to HDR options apparently. When you are running in HDR mode on the desktop, you are able to adjust how bright SDR content appears on an HDR display. The new improvement based on feedback, can help you tweak the default system level of SDR white, so brightness level can be a lot more usable for your desktop, applications and games. Continue reading

HDR not working problem after Win 10 creators update

My Windows 10 computer has a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition and Sony X900E (4K HDR TV 2017) connects to the graphics card by an HDMI cable. After I install the Creators Update, the HDR video technology is not working at all with Mass Effect Andromeda and other supported games. All drivers are up to data. I enable the native HDR in windows and go to full screen, the screen of game indeedly appears dull and grey while HDR is not detected in any way. Then I configure to use Nvidia color settings in NVIDIA control panel to fix the dullness problem but color becomes overly bright and it is hard to play. How can I fix the broken function? Continue reading