How to customise Touchpad gestures in Windows 10 RedStone 2

Windows 8 had trackpad edge swipes to opened the charms bar and do other things, but these Mac-like gestures is overhauled in Windows 10 since now, because it is not helpful for desktop users. To help laptop owners navigate the desktop easily, Microsoft quietly re-add this brilliant new feature to customise trackpad gestures the RedStone 2 version. Here is the how-to tutorial for having great effect. Continue reading

Pinch-to-zoom enabled after Windows 10 restart

Windows 10 comes with many useful gestures on a trackpad or a multi touchscreen for navigating the desktop and they are similar to trackpad gestures on a Mac. Two-finger scrolling and manipulating images with my fingertips supported by the pinch zoom gesture works great on my Surface Pro 4, but I don’t want to enable the feature on my Windows 10 laptop. Every time I do a two finger scroll to navigate the Web or read an e-mail message., my touch pad keeps activating and zoom in to get a closer look. Continue reading

Surface Touch and Type Cover 2 Gestures and keys combinations

Microsoft has released the 2nd generation accessories for Surface 2 tablet to add optional keyboards. There are two varieties: the Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2. Both of them bring up new gestures and special shortcut combinations for making more comfortable while you are using it. Continue reading

How to Close apps with touch gesture in Windows 8.1 completely

In Windows RT/8, if you need to close the running modern/metro application and remove it from memory completely, just drag the app down from the top to the bottom of the screen. However, after install the latest operating system Windows 8.1 Preview update, you would notice that you can’t close any app with this gesture. It is still staying active in the Task Manager and consuming a lot of memory. Continue reading