Blurry text/font with multi monitors in Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system has the annoying problem if you use the high resolution monitors. The system can not do scaling properly. The text in Start menu and all programs become bold and italic font and looks weird. I ran the sfc command and applied default theme and nothing worked on my Windows 10 computer with v1803 update. Any way to resolve it? Continue reading

How to fix blurry/small Font of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

When I use the Microsoft Edge on my Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10, all text and general page sizes are too darn small to see. I don’t want to use the default typeface size and the browser lacks of an XL font size to choose from. There is also the same problem on my desktop computer with Creators Update installed. The Edge font is very blurry and low quality, so I have to use Chrome. How can I resolve the problem. Continue reading

Installed fonts are missing in Windows 10 Creators Update

I have installed TT Avant Garde and TT Fritz Quadrata (whole family) in Windows 10 Anniversary Update and they works well on my Surface Por 4. After applied to Creators Update by update assistant, all fonts that I added by shortcuts are missing. They do not appear in Windows App font menu, like Wordpad, Office Word/Excel, Adobe program, while their entries become unnamed and blank completely. I click any of them and the related font type doesn’t takes effect. I notice that only the partial fonts are found in the Corel Draw menus. Continue reading

How to make text darker easier To Read in Windows 10

I always spend hours reading and browsing on my Surface Pro 4 tablet every day, and it is difficulty to see the symbols and text on the screen which is light. That looks grey and happen with many app and software. For example, I am hardly to adjust the margin ruler in Microsoft Office, and the font is less legible in File Explorer, PDF, and others. How can I make word text darker against the white background and get easier to read in Windows 10? Continue reading

Fix cannot Add/Install Fonts in Windows 10

After I unzipped the downloaded TruType Font .zip folder and tried to install the .ttf fonts in Windows 10 Pro 64-bit on my Surface Pro 3, I got “Cannot install [file-name]. The requested file [font location] is not a valid font file.” error message and there was no Install option if I right-clicked it or through Control Panel. The file was not corrupted and I did that by the built-in Administrator account and also ran into the same problem. How can I fix it? Continue reading