Adobe Flash player not working in Edge on Windows 10 Creators Update

I was able to watch movie by flash from a non-html5 website in Microsoft edge on my Surface Pro 4 tablet, but now it is not working at all after Windows 10 Creators Update. When I try to play the video clips, it displays that it requires adobe player plugin. The Flash content isn’t blocked because there is not a puzzle piece icon on the address bar. In the advanced settings, I re-enable the Flash and clear the browser history and nothing takes any effect. How can I fix the issue? Continue reading

How to disable/block Adobe Flash in Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10

The Adobe Flash Player plugin is bundled with the Windows 10 operating system by default, but has long been a popular vector for malwar. If you would like to minimize security risks and also run system faster and more battery-efficient on your Surface Pro model tablet or computer, the best way is to turn Flash off completely and most of video websites uses HTML5 to stream. Here are the how-to tutorials for that. Continue reading

Adobe Flash videos not working with Microsof Edge browser in Windows 10

I had installed Adobe flash player plugin on my Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10, but the BBC, Pandora and Shutterfly websites did not work with Windows Edge Browser while they were fine in Chrome. It showed “Flash Player is currently disabled.” message and nothing loaded. I had to switch to Internet Explorer 11 and it ran very slowly. Continue reading

Windows RT Whitelist Flash player tool V1.0

If the Flash Player is not working in the Metro modern browser IE on your Microsoft Surface or any other Windows RT tablet, you need to add the sites to this white-list. So that the authorized web pages will be able to show up Flash content and get these flash sites working again. A lot of people are beginer and it is difficult for dealing with white-list. A Neowin forum user called DroidKid, has created a script for allowing users to add websites and custom white lists without any issues by a simple process. Continue reading