Fix USB 3.0 flash drive not recognized in Windows 10 creator update

When I plug my Samsung SSD 850 Pro in Surface Pro 4 tablet, Windows 10 doesn’t recognize it as USB 3.0 device in Device Manager. It just lists as a USB Mass Storage Drive and offers very slow rates to transfer files. I change with the Sandisk Cruzer Glide flash drive via USB 3 rear port and it is not recognized and not accessible. I have to make reboot to get it working. That only happen after fall creator update. Any way to resolve the issue? Continue reading

How to safely disconnect USB Flash drive in tablet mode on Windows 10

Many users are annoying the all-or-nothing Start screen in Windows 8, so Microsoft bring the tablet mode in Windows 10 to resolve the problem. When you detach the Surface Pro tablet from its s docking station or base, it should activate automatically to get full screen Start menu as do Windows Store apps and Settings, while the Desktop becomes unavailable. However, that also cause something wrong with my flash drive, if I don’t want to switch desktop mode. Continue reading