Windows 10 File History cannot restore hidden files from backup

I have already setup my C:\Users folder as Back up option on my Surface Pro running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The “Automatically back up my files” has been enabled in Settings app. However, when I try to restore the necessary files, some hidden folders like AppData are missing by File History. I do that manually and still could not archive the whole user account with all files to an external drive. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows 10 File History No usable drives found to backup

I was able to use my Seagate 2TB Ext drive to protect my data in Windows 8 on Surface Pro 3. After I upgrade the tablet to Windows 10 Pro and try to backup using File History, the feature doesn’t recognise this HDD and shows the error “No usable drives were found”. But I could access and drop files into it. The external hard drive really shows up in the taskbar and runs with third party backup programs. How can I fix the issue? Continue reading

Fix File History reconnect your drive error in Windows 10

After my Surface pro tablet had installed the latest update and was not connected to an external hard drive, the Windows 10 always poped up Reconnect your drive message in Action center. There were other accompanying details “Your File History drive was disconnected for too long. Reconnect it and then tap or click to keep saving copies of your files.” But I was still able to open File Explorer to access the contents of backup drive and could not figure out how to resolve hte problem? Continue reading

Configure File History to Use internal drive in Windows 10/8.1

As a built-in tool like Apple Time Machine in Mac OS X, File History backs up Favorites, Contacts, Desktop items and etc, as well as allows you to recover files which you have deleted by mistake, or restore a modified document to an earlier version in Windows 10 and 8.1. However, configuring File History setting must require a second disk (a microSD card or a second HDD) or a network location like home server or NAS. Is there any way to use it store those files on a single drive? Continue reading

Windows 8.1 create System Image Backup failed 0x8078012D/0x8007045D error

I have a desktop computer running Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit and encounter the System Image Backup fails problems. When I used File History to backup the EFI System Partition of C:\ drive to a USB connected external hard device with NTFS format, the process ran at 2/3rds and an error dialog poped up the message: Continue reading

How to use File History to backup SkyDrive on Windows 8.1

I have got major problem in my Windows 8.1 pro computer. I am unable to use File History to backup Windows desktop version of the Skydrive folder to a a local server, but it worked fine in Win 8 OS. I try other files and folders and they run correctly. Should I need to replicate Skydrive to another folder? I creat a new library but that doesn’t take anyy effects. How can I fix the issues after the system upgraded? Continue reading

Windows 7 Backup is currently configured and must be disabled to configure File History

My Laptop HP Pavilion dv7 has just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro with Media Centre pack. When I try to do a backup, it show message “Windows 7 Backup is currently configured and must be disabled to configure File History” and nothing happens. How can I get backup working again. Continue reading