Direct ethernet connection network path not found in Windows 10 v1803 update

My Surface Pro 5 and HP Spectre 360 laptops are running Windows 10 Pro and on my work domain. I setup them to have the static IP ( and and as subnet mask, with blank Gateway and DNS. I connect both devices using a regular ethernet cable and transfer files by Direct ethernet connection. The shared folders function was fine, but now is not working after install the version 1803 updates. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

csrss.exe client server runtime process Spikes high GPU usage in Windows 10

I use comic productions with multiple monitors on my Windows 10 computer with Nvidia GTX 980. It worked fine since I upgraded it to the Creator Update version 1709, When I run the Clip Studio Paint for illustration, the mouse always freezes for seconds and everything becomes stutter and slow. That also happens if I play games or watch Youtube video on main display, and then system keeps crashing. Within the task manager on the second screen, I notice that the Client Server Runtime (csrss.exe) process spikes up to 100% GPU usage. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

Cannot enable DirectPlay in Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update

My Surface Pro 3 has been upgraded to the Windows 10 v1709 Fall Creators Update. I would like to enjoy the Roller Coaster Tycoon game and it can not be played normally. So I open the Control Panel > Programs and Features, and then check DirectPlay box under Legacy Components sub-folder to enable the feature. However, I restart the tablet and it is still not working. Any way to get rid of that? Continue reading

Windows 10 keep adding new keyboard layouts problem

I have got a Windows 10 computer with fall Creaters update in our company. I set up English (Canada) US Keyboard layout as my default. However, the system keep adding new ones. I go to remove them in the Settings app and that seems to be gone away. However, after I make a restarting, the welcome screen displays “preparing windows” and then install the (United Kingdom) UK keyboard layout automatically. It is annoying that I have to click the taskbar button to change it as an input. Any way to prevent it from happening again? Continue reading

Windows 10 Task View keeps opening up while scrolling/gaming

I have already installed the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. For unknown reason, the task view keeps opening by its self. The feature activates when I resize and move a window to the left half of desktop, or scroll down a webpage in Edge. If I set the mouse down too quickly to move in FPS game, the problem also happens. I have remove its button in the taskbar and nothing is working. It is annoying for me while I play game. Continue reading

EseDiskFlushConsistency is enabled in ESENT on Windows 10 1709

My Surface Pro 3 has been upgraded to Windows 10 1709 version and then runs into strange problem. When I logged in or booted up my tablet, it poped up the warning “svchost (2936,G,0) The beta feature EseDiskFlushConsistency is enabled in ESENT due to the beta site mode settings 0×800000” on event viewer every hour. It happened no matter I played games, edit Office documents or browsed web page. The system crashes and freezes for seconds and that turn everything into interruption. Any way to resolve it completely? Continue reading

Windows Defender Security Center crashes in Windows 10 Fall Creator

I have used my Surface Pro 3 tablet running Windows 10 Fall Creator update v1709 (build 16299.201). When I access the Settings app and start the Windows Defender Security Center, it just shows a blank screen and then crashes on startup. Then I double click on its notification icon and still face the same problem. That also happens with multiple computers in my company. How can I resolve it? Continue reading

Uninstall Realtek PCIE Card Reader to upgrade Windows 10 Fall Creator

My Windows 10 tablet is running the Anniversary Update v1607. I use the Update Assistant to apply Fall Creators and the process is fail to be completed with error code 0x8007000d. It reports the “Realtek PCIE Card Reader” must be manually un-installed, due to the device is incompatible. But there is not such card reader in device manager. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Search for app name not working in Start menu on Windows 10 1703

My Windows 10 computer has been upgraded to the Enterprise version 1703 64-bit. Recently the device runs into something wrong after the March 2018 cumulative update. When I type the app name like Edge or calc in Start menu, the white colored search box comes with “Advancing dots” at the top at fire and then disappears and the results become blank. But I talk the word calculator to Cortana and it does find the correct app. Then I reinstall the Appx packages and it is still not working. How can I resolve it with all PC on our company? Continue reading

Headphones 7.1 spatial sound not working in Windows 10 Fall creator update

Windows 10 Fall creator update comes with the Windows Sonic virtual surround sound feature. I have upgraded my Surface Pro 4 tablet to the latest version. Then I open Volume Mixer and check the Turn on virtual 7.1 option. However, it doesn’t deliver an enhanced listening experience on my headphones and just is still the same from speakers. I could not figure out how to resolve the problem. Continue reading