Fix Windows File Explorer Crashes After Right Click in Windows 10

I have upgraded my computer from Win 8.1 to Windows 10 Anniversary Update and face a weird issue. When I use mouse to right click on any folder or image, the Windows explorer has stopped working and hangs. Sometimes I right-click a file from my Desktop or anywhere, that also causes the opened File Explorer crashing briefly and then comes back. Making a reboot can get rid of that, but it will occur after you shut down the device. Continue reading

Fix Windows 8.1 file explorer crashing by dlnashext.dll issues

After installed or upgraded to Windows 8.1, your tablet or computer might get such problem. When you open File Explorer (known as Windows Explorer) to access folder or file, it will immediately crash and then restart, no matter clicking the Explorer icon from taskbar or pressing Windows + E from keyboard. It also crashes when tried to change file location. Continue reading

Fix Explorer.exe error on Windows 8 start up

Every time I sign into Windows 8 Pro and go to Desktop mode, an alert Explorer.exe title dialogue box pops up but shows a blank message with the warning icon and an “OK” button. Trying to close it by clicking “X” and the dialogue box comes for three times and then disappears. I am not sure which crashes occasionally. Is there a way to fix an weird issue regarding Explorer. Continue reading