Fix Microsoft Edge freezing problems on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Microsoft Edge includes a lot of visual changes and performance improvements in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. However, after I upgrade my Surface Pro 4 to this version, I browse the website in the Edge and it freezes constantly and then hangs. I have to end its process in Task manager. When I re-open it, edge keeps asking me to recover webpages, instead of the bing search homepage, and completely stops working. That also make no way to get into its settings to make a repair. How can resolve the problem? Continue reading

Microsoft Edge Content Process causes high CPU/Memory usage in Windows 10

I have used the Microsoft Edge to view internet contents in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4. But I notice that the built-in web browser always draines the memory quickly and make the tablet to run slowly. I open the task manager to monitor and it shows a constant network bandwidth of 500 kbit. Three Microsoft Edge Content Process are running in backgroup and using up lots of memory (totaling over 1GB of RAM). The issue only starts after the cumulative update. They constantly transfer lots of data from my system to microsoft cloud server. Continue reading

How to fix blurry/small Font of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

When I use the Microsoft Edge on my Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10, all text and general page sizes are too darn small to see. I don’t want to use the default typeface size and the browser lacks of an XL font size to choose from. There is also the same problem on my desktop computer with Creators Update installed. The Edge font is very blurry and low quality, so I have to use Chrome. How can I resolve the problem. Continue reading

Edge extensions keep turning off from Unknown Sources on Windows 10

Windows 10 anniversary update add the extensions support for Microsoft Edge browser and allows you to install it from Windows app Store. If the extension is not available on Store, you can Enable extension developer features option in about:flags page and sideload its zip file offered on the developer’s website. It is helpful to use unsigned extension but I face the issue on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. Continue reading

How to restore missing Edge Favorites after reset/upgrade Windows 10

My Surface Pro 3 tablet runs slowly and sometimes becomes unresponsive, so I use the Reset this PC feature in Settings app to roll back to factory settings. However, when I open the Edge browser, it loads a “Welcome” screen and my favorites folders I created are missing. The similar problem happens on my other Windows 10 computer upgraded on Creators Update. My favorites in Edge also magically disappear after a windows update. How can I restore and get back the Favorites with Edge? Continue reading

Cannot type text in Edge, cortana search with keyboard in Windows 10

I have got a strange problem after installing the Windows 10 Creative update on my Surface Pro 4. I can only type text in office app like outlook, word, but it doesn’t take any effect while I am trying to type in Edge browser, cortana search field box, and Start menu. The keyboard seems to be disconnected with those apps. I have to type text in notepad, and then paste it. How can I resolve it on my tablet? Continue reading

How to Edit Bookmarks or Favorites URL in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

You might have saved individual Internet shortcuts for web pages as Favorites in web browser. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox stores the Favorites or Bookmarks in databases or HTML files, while Microsoft Edge is now using ESE database. However, if you would like to update the original link in Edge Bookmarks on Windows 10/8 machine, the option to edit the URL in the bookmark Properties is not available. Continue reading

How to manage and sort Favorites in Edge in Windows 10

If you have regularly visited lots of your favorite websites on Windows 10/8 computer or tablet, you can store all in a bookmark list for accessing them quickly. It is easy to organize them in Internet Explorer 11, but I notice that the Microsoft Edge lack of such functions for that. All my favorites are in a jumbled, scrambled and randomly listed, so I always mixed up mess on my Surface Pro 3. Is there any way to organize them easily? Continue reading

How to sync bookmarks between Edge and IE11 in Windows 10 locally

Windows 10 has pre-installed the Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 browsers. Edge runs faster and requires less resources, while IE uses old technologies and doesn’t support many formats and standards. However, you might need to access some website, which is not compatible with Edge, in IE 11 on your PC. Continue reading

Problem How to Disable set tabs aside in Edge on Windows 10 Creator update

Windows 10 Creator’s update brings new features and the “Set these tabs aside” capability to Microsoft Edge. When you are browsing your favorite sites and have too many open tabs, you can easily set all of them aside to group together and access individually later. It works after you close the Edge or restart the system. I have upgraded my Surface Pro 4 tablet to the version 1703. The function really helps declutter, but also actually creates the problem for me. Continue reading