How to schedule Night Light and set color temperatures in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Creators Update known as Redstone 2 has added Night Light for reducing Blue Light while improving sleep quality, and it is similarly to the f.lux utility or iOS with Night Shift. This new feature makes color temperatures warmer and dim the backlight of your display to reduce eye strain and become more comfortable. Here are the how-to tutorials to turn it on/off and configure that. Continue reading

How do you want to open this website stuck after Windows 10 anniversary update

After I upgraded from Win8.1 to Windows 10 anniversary update and clicked on link in an message within email app, it popped up the “How Do You Want To Open This website” dialog box. I clicked on Use this app option to use Internet Explorer but still get the annoying behavior every time. Ticking always use the app to open *** box just stuck there and nothing happen. Continue reading

Fix Keyboard input not working in Start Menu or Edge after Windows 10 Creators update

After my computer is installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update, keyboard is not working in log-in screen, Start menu and the Microsoft Edge browser. When I wake up from sleep mode and try to input my pin code to unlock it, the number pad becomes unresponsive and I have to restart the system to get rid of that temporarily. For the search bar, I type any text and it does nothing. However, the keyboard responds perfectly to type in Firefox, Office Word and others. Continue reading

Windows Hello Couldn’t turn on camera after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I have enable and setup the Windows Hello feature on my Surface Pro 4 tablet and it worked fine. After the system is applied the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Facial Recognition fails at login. When I turn the screen on, the unlock screen shows Getting ready… and then Couldn’t turn on the camera messages. that redirected me to use my PIN for login but the the camera works well with all the other apps and software. Continue reading

How to take screenshot of entire/part of screen in Windows 10

Taking the screenshots can share what’s on your screen of device and offers useful information. Now the Windows 10 Creators Update bring a way to capture a specific region of your screen using the Win + Shift + S keys, which is based on the OneNote 2016 feature. Here are the how-to tutorials without third-part software. Continue reading

How to Create Live Tile Groups in Start Menu on Windows 10 Creators Update

The Windows 10/8 allows users to put live tiles of your apps in the Start menu, and these animated tile boxes display convey useful and real-time information, such as headlines and updates. However, if you pin too many items, the Start menu will become a bit larger once you tap or click on it to expand. To make it smaller in view and save space on the desktop, you could arrange them into groups by putting specific apps in a group, or music or movies, system settings, favorite websites, built-in utilities and folders. Continue reading

How to enable Near Share to transfer files in Windows 10 Creators Update

The Photos apps for Apple MAc OS X and iOS include a simple way to instantly share photos and videos, even without an Internet connection, and there is no file size limit, no third-part software to install. Microsoft is working on a brand new Share UI for Windows 10 Creators Update and might copy Appleā€™s AirDrop Feature with Near Share capabilities. When you share something from within an app, a native UI for WiFi-direct shearing sits in the middle of the screen for you to do that. At this moment Near Share will only work with Windows devices, and doesn’t require configuring a network. Here are the how-to tutorials on Surface Pro tablet and computer. Continue reading

How to Setup Automatic Disk Cleanup in Windows 10 Creators Update

The Redstone 2 Insiders build has tested a new Storage Sense feature and we are not sure it will be available in the final Windows 10 Creators Update. It can help user easily get automatic disk cleanup function to free up disk space on your Surface Pro tablet or computer, without Task Scheduler. It keeps your system running smooth and here are the how-to tutorials Continue reading

Fix cannot install Quicken and TurboTax in Windows 10

If you have tried to get Turbo Tax to install by CD disk or downloaded the setup file from official website in a Windows 10 new PC, the software will not be working and nothing happens, even by compatibility settings. Because the Turbo Tax 2013 and 2014 version do not support the new OS, and the only way is to install it already in Win 8.1 and then upgrade your device to new OS. However, I face another problem while I am also unable to install Quicken 2017 and TurboTax 2016 on Surface Pro 4 after installed the Windows 10 Creators Update. Continue reading

Cannot Delete huge Temporary Files in Windows 10 Setting app

If your Windows 10 hard drive feel a little crowded lately, that may be a lot of Temporary Files on hard disk. Those files are used to manage app processes, document editing, various printing tasks, and system delete them automatically while sometimes they hang on. By default you could get rid of them by this way. Open the Setting app, go to System > Storage, select This PC, check all boxes and click Remove files button. However, I try that on my Surface Pro 4 and it shows about 16GB side and doesn’t perform any deletion operation while my C driver get full day by day. Continue reading