Create System Image Backup on Windows 8.1 by PowerShell

Windows 8.1 Preview has removed the graphical interface for creating system images. However, the new OS allows system administrators to create and restore system image backups by PowerShell cmdlet, without Norton Ghost or other third-party softwares. That contain a full snapshot of the hard drive, including all critical volumes in the system state, user files and settings. Continue reading

Create/Convert PDF documents from Windows 8 Word/Excel/IE app

The Office Word has a built-in PDF-creator on Windows 8, but other applications are lacking of the feature. Many users frequently need a way to convert the portable MS Office document into PDF and open the file without any issues. BullZip PDF Printer freeware with limitations is what I am looking for. Continue reading

How to create Contacts Group in Windows 8 People app

If you have many contacts in a list, that gets way too cluttered to manage them. With making a Contacts Group, it is easy to sift through co-workers, friends and family. I have set up contact groups on my iPhone and iPad successfully, but can not find any option to create and edit a group in Windows 8 people app. Continue reading