Setup Cortana SafeSearch and Cloud search in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The Fall Creators Update build of Windows 10 operating system comes with new features, improvements and changes. For example, the Cortana settings have been integrated into main Settings app, starting with the build 16188. If you would like to disable or enable the Cortana Search function in Windows 10, try the tutorial to set it up on your Surface Pro tablet or computer. Continue reading

Cortana missing or not working after Windows 10 Creators update

My Surface Pro tablet has installed the Windows 10 Creators update and runs into a problem. The Cortana has disappeared together with my reminders and no Microphone Symbol shows in my search box. I also could not find the notebook icon and restarting the system doesn’t restore the Cortana feature and option. Continue reading

Cannot type text in Edge, cortana search with keyboard in Windows 10

I have got a strange problem after installing the Windows 10 Creative update on my Surface Pro 4. I can only type text in office app like outlook, word, but it doesn’t take any effect while I am trying to type in Edge browser, cortana search field box, and Start menu. The keyboard seems to be disconnected with those apps. I have to type text in notepad, and then paste it. How can I resolve it on my tablet? Continue reading

Cortana Search not indexing apps after Windows 10 Creators Update

The search function worked fine since I applied Windows 10 Creators Update on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. Now I install a new software and its shortcut lists in the “new apps” part of the Start menu. However, when I type its name in Cortana search bar or in the Start menu, nothing is found and it seems to be not refreshing in the index database. Continue reading

Windows 10 Cortana search results not clickable after Creators Update

The search function is not working well after my Surface Pro 4 is upgraded to Windows 10 Creators Update. If I type the name of any apps or file in the Cortana search box in the taskbar, I click on most of the results especially the best match one and it is not clickable. Then I open the Start menu and type something like “Check for Updates”. Clicking it and nothing is responsive. It seems that the related files get corrupted during the update. How can I fix the issue? Continue reading

How to setup recurring Monthly/weekly reminders on Cortana in Windows 10 Creators Update

The Cortana virtual assistant app offers a simple way to set time-, location- and person-based reminders, and will alert you to perform an action in Windows 10, without forgot that completely. In Anniversary Update or older build, time-based reminder only can be recurred as a one time or every day, or one of the days of the week. However, may people want to set recurring monthly or yearly reminders with cycle bill payment. To resolve the problem, Creators Update adds two new recurrence options (Every Month, and Every Year) for that. You could try method to do that in Cortana. Continue reading

How to enable/disable Cortana suggested reminders in Windows 10

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana get a new feature named suggested reminders in Windows 10. Cortana will scan and detect commitments on something you made to your friend or other people about you will do in an email message, and create automatic reminder to alert you to complete tasks. The feature uses machine learning technology and can help users easily keep their promises on Surface Pro tablet or Windows 10 computer. Continue reading

Remove Cortana Search History and Personal Data in Windows 10 and Bing Cloud

Windows 10 integrates with the personal assistant Cortana for helping you search in apps, settings, and files easily, and you can open it by clicking on the microphone icon or saying “Hey Cortana”. Based on your preferences, Cortana also offers relevant recommendations but Microsoft collects information such as location, contacts, voice input, searching history and more. All of Collected Data is saved on your Windows 10 tablet or computer, and the Bing cloud, and you could try the method to remove them for protecting your privacy. Continue reading

Fix Show app notifications option greyed out in Windows 10 settings

The Cortana gets SMS messages from your smartphone in Windows 10 anniversary update and allows users to reply to those messages with Cortana. The new feature is working well on my computer clean install, but I could not get the messages and the action center never show the app notifications from the desktop after upgraded my Surface Pro 4 tablet. I access the Settings app and notice that Show app notifications option is greyed out in Notification and actions pane, so it causes the problem. Continue reading

How to Use Cortana to find discount coupons in Windows 10 Edge

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update turns the personal digital assistant Cortana to become more smarter than before and it can do lots of tasks, such as set Reminders, perform unit conversions, calculations, find discount coupons, send mails, identify a Song and more. The shopping supported is a cool function and Cortana offers the quick access way to get the context-sensitive information about coupons, without having to visit the many websites around the Internet and search for the related things. Here is the how-to tutorial for that. Continue reading