Outlook 2013 RT for Surface RT misses enterprise features

You might have installed Windows RT 8.1 Preview on the Windows RT tablet like Surface RT. If you have purchased a commercial license to Microsofts Office 2013 suites with Outlook, a bundled version of a new Outlook RT client is available in the new OS and you can use it for business. Continue reading

Error 1920 Windows font cache service failed to start Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 is not working on my Surface Pro Windows 8. No matter I try to upgrade from Office 2007 or install Office 2013 software, the setup process pops up error message “Error 1920. Service ‘Windows Font Cache Service’ (FontCache) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient priviliges to start system services” with Retry and Cancel button. Continue reading

Setup Automatically Change Wallpapers in Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 not only allows users to set a single picture as desktop background, but also is ability to do the automatic cycling of wallpapers. If you would like to shuffle wallpapers in Surface Pro Windows 8, try the following step by step on your tablet or computer. Continue reading

ISY home automation for Windows 8 Pro & RT

Recently I started to make my home as a “smart home.” Most of the smart devices are able to send communication across the power lines in your house, so there is not really anything special to do with the devices. Starting out to control your home automation system from Windows 8 computer or tablet. Continue reading

How to refresh Windows 8/RT calendar app

I have set up both of my Microsoft account and Google account calendar in Windows 8 calendar app. Everything seems to work but I notice that calendar app is not refreshing on Surface Pro. If I create the news invites in the modern Metro calender app, it doesn’t sync to my iPhone. If I add a new event from my iPhone, it never shows up in the Metro/desktop calender.

How to refresh Windows 8 calendar app on surface Pro/RT or computer
* Press Control + Alt + Del keys from keyboard to open task manager. Find out the calendar app processing and end it up. Then re-open it and you should find the data has be refreshed.
* If not working, Right-click on the Calendar App from start screen, and select Uninstall button in the bottom tray. Then open charms bar, tap Search bar and type Calendar. Then select Store and tap the app to make a re-installtion. But that works temporarily and you have to re-add accounts.