Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 vs. Microsoft Surface Laptop comparison

Microsoft unveiled the new Surface Pro with some spec upgrades and is better than iPad Pro. The latest generation tablet gets some of the Surface Studio magic with improved kickstand to lie flatter. The Surface Laptop is designed for teachers and students and here are their comparison to help you get the right one. Continue reading

Macbook Air retina vs. Surface Pro 2 spec comparison

The (early 2014) 13-inch MacBook Air comes with the same-sized MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Compare the late 2013 model, the new device has a small increase in processor speed and the SSDs run much slower, but it is still a good value. Surface Pro 2 is the last Windows 8.1 series tablet produced by Microsoft. Continue reading

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs Apple iPad 5 spec comparison

Apple is preparing to introduce its next generation tablet iPad 5 in October itself. And Microsoft has sold out two latest versions of Surface 2 (both the ARM-powered and Intel-powered devices) and the response is exceptional. However, we still can’t be sure how tablets fared in the market. Continue reading

Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Samsung ATIV Q spec

Samsung has created its new Ativ Q hybrid to get a bigger stake of the general PC market. Recently Microsoft is discounting its Surface Pro tablet and reduces the price of the 64GB and 128GB models by $100 each in the US. Both of them have the guts of Ultrabooks and here is the comparison. Continue reading