How to Fix MSN Page opens in Chrome browser on Windows 10 Startup

I have setup the Google Chrome as the default browser in Windows 10 setting app on my Surface Pro 4. However, after I power up or restart the tablet and then log into the system, it pops up a dialog box asking “How do you want open this?” with Chrome pre-selected in a list of apps. I click OK button then MSN page open and load the contents automatically. Continue reading

How to disable Page Prediction in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome in Windows 10

The Page Prediction technique is available in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Opera browsers and used for improving the speed of browsing, and also making your overall experience better. However, it will track and share your visiting websites, typing words and the purchases you make. If you would like to stop the prying eyes with your privacy and save your bandwidth in Windows 10, the best method is to turn it off completely through setting. Continue reading

Fix Chrome slow to load pages in Windows 10/8

I have got the strange problem after moved from Windows 8. The Chrome app itself open quickly in Windows 10. However, when I clicked a bookmark or typed in a web address in a new tab, it took a delay of several seconds and load around 15 seconds. Deleting my browsing history and cached files, removing all extensions were not working at all. Anyway to make it run considerably faster? Continue reading

Change Bing default search to Google in Windows 10 taskbar

The Windows 10 taskbar search Bar not only has the similar function of the Windows 8 charmsbar’s Search box, but also allows you to search in Windows, Web and new Cortana app interface. However, the Bing is the default one and there is no such option in the system to change it to Google, Yahoo, Yandex or others. If you would like to use the Google search to show web results from taskbar or start menu, here are the tips to do that through an extension. Continue reading

How to fix bluriness of Chrome in Windows 8.1 on High-DPI resolution Display

Many people have updated their tablet or computer to Windows 8.1, or get the next generation Surface Pro 2. You might notice that the Resolution on programs has changed and that causes many problems in desktop mode. The taskbar doesn’t go away with auto-hide enabled, and the chrome browser text is blurry and becomes dim as well as the touch won’t respond. Continue reading