Camera app 0xA00F424F PhotoCaptureFileCreationFailed on Surface Pro Windows 10

My Surface Pro is running the Windows 10 Pro with the latest 1803 updates applied. When I open the Camera app and try to take photos, it is not working and displays the error code: “0xA00F424F (0×80131500)“. But the third-part apps seems to be integrated within the front and back cameras. I re-activate the related item in device manager and re-install the app but nothing takes effect. The destination folder has enough free space. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows Hello Couldn’t turn on camera after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I have enable and setup the Windows Hello feature on my Surface Pro 4 tablet and it worked fine. After the system is applied the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Facial Recognition fails at login. When I turn the screen on, the unlock screen shows Getting ready… and then Couldn’t turn on the camera messages. that redirected me to use my PIN for login but the the camera works well with all the other apps and software. Continue reading

Windows 10 Cannot start your camera error code 0xA00F4246

When I use Skype Preview app to make video call with my friend in Windows 10, it pops up a error message “Can’t start your camera. If you’re sure the camera is connected and installed properly, try checking for updated drivers. If you need it, here’s the error code: 0xA00F4246 (0x887A0004)”. That also effects the stock Camera application and causes it fail to access. How can I fix the issue on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. Continue reading

Allow or Prevent individual Apps from accessing Camera in Windows 10

Most laptops have webcams and Surface Pro tablet come with dual cameras, so you are able to do many tasks, such as capturing pictures, recording video, Skype calls by Universal apps and Win32 software. For privacy, the portable devices includes activity LED indicator for showing if it is turned on. In Windows 10, you can also setup apps with the built-in camera easily. Continue reading

Camera app Error on web camera 0xa00f4243 (0xc00d3704) in Windows 10

I used Micromax Canvas Laptab LT666W Touch Screen Laptops for months and Windows 10 works fine. After installed the new updates, When I connect to internet and have video call with Skype, I switch to the front camera and it shows the Error on web camera. 0xa00f4243 (0xc00d3704) message and is not working at all. It seems to be another app is already using the camera, but I check all background processes and find nothing is related to that. Continue reading

Fix Windows Hello camera not working after hibernate on Surface Book

With Windows Hello, you are able to use fingerprint or facial recognition to access to your Windows 10 tablet or computer securely and instantly. I have setup the feature on my Surface Book i7 256 and it worked fine. After I manually applied the latest firmware and Anniversary Update, it fixes the problem with sleep states and transitions. However, I noticed that it never actually turned on the camera and the Windows Hello was not working after hibernate. I had to make a fresh power or log in using password or PIN code, then reboot and it should be fine temporarily. Continue reading

USB Camera not working and broken by Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The Anniversary Update brings many new features to Windows 10 tablet or computer but also makes millions of consumers experiencing some issues, such as breaking USB Camera functionality. I used Logitech C930e webcam well and it just stop working after AU. When I tried to record video or have a video call using Skype app, the camera went into HD mode and began freezing immediately and was not working at all. Continue reading

Windows hello camera not working with Anniversary update in Windows 10

I had setup the enterprise-grade security Windows Hello facial recognition on my Surface Book running Windows 10 Pro and that worked fine. After the system has applied the Anniversary update, the Windows hello camera does not recognize my Face or Fingerprint and is not working at all. I remove and add it but the system eventually crashes with the error message “windows system thread not handled” and then revertes to the previous version and began the update process again. Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 cannot Import/transfer photos from camera

The Libraries feature tracks of your images incredibly easy and allows users to import pictures from a digital camera or mobile device in Windows 7. However, after my computer had been upgraded to Windows 10, such function became broken and I could not find a way to download them when pluging that device in. It showed the number of pictures I have on the camera but never transfer them. Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 Camera App not working something went wrong

When I logged into Skype app and tried to use the camera to make a video call with my friend on my Surface Pro tablet which have been upgraded to Windows 10, I kept receiving the error message “something went wrong. Make sure your camera is connected and not being used by another app.” It also happened while I recorded a video or took a picture. Is there any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading