How to add event to calendar or hide agenda from Windows 10 taskbar

Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings numerous new features, such as Agenda. Now the Taskbar clock integrates with Calendar and can show a short glimpse of all the tasks which you have scheduled in your Calendar for the day, as well as let you schedule new events in your Calendar. Here is the how-to tutorial to do that on Surface Pro model tablet or other computer. Continue reading

How to Add/remove National Holidays to Calendar App in Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system includes a built-in Calendar app with the ability to view National Holidays all over the world. Now you can use this feature to make your personal schedule events easier without needing to install Outlook software or a third-party calendar on your tablet or computer. This is perfect while you are working with people from around the globe. Continue reading

Cannot delete calendar reminder in Windows 10

I started Cortana app to make a daily reminder of the calendar on my Surface pro 3 tablet, and that was also syncing with my Windows phone. After I edited and deleteed the reminder on the phone then signed into my calendar app in Windows 10, the same item was still under the reminder section and didn’t be removed and there was not a delete button. How can I fix the issues? Continue reading

How to import .ics/.vcs file to windows 8 Calendar app

The native Mail an Calendar apps are good to help users to manage schedule and appointments on your Surface Pro/Rt tablet or Windows 8 computer. However, it lacks of some important features like the capability to import .ics file to keep syncing with iCal or other online calendars. Continue reading

Windows 8 app not sync with Google Apps calendar

Microsoft has released some updates for the Calendar, Mail, and People apps from Store onto Windows 8 and Windows RT OS with a few significant improvements. However, Google Apps account owners no longer have the syncing after doing upgrade. Because Microsoft confirms that Windows 8 to Google Apps calendar sync has been shutted off. Continue reading

How to Remove Facebook Birthdays from Windows 8 calendar

I have setup my gmail syncing on my Surface Pro Windows 8 and the account is also my Facebook account. It gets all 1000+ birthdays for my friends in the Calendar app, but I can’t fingure out how to edit or remove Facebook birthdays among my own appointments, even in the live tiles? Is there a way to un-sync the connection? Continue reading

How to refresh Windows 8/RT calendar app

I have set up both of my Microsoft account and Google account calendar in Windows 8 calendar app. Everything seems to work but I notice that calendar app is not refreshing on Surface Pro. If I create the news invites in the modern Metro calender app, it doesn’t sync to my iPhone. If I add a new event from my iPhone, it never shows up in the Metro/desktop calender.

How to refresh Windows 8 calendar app on surface Pro/RT or computer
* Press Control + Alt + Del keys from keyboard to open task manager. Find out the calendar app processing and end it up. Then re-open it and you should find the data has be refreshed.
* If not working, Right-click on the Calendar App from start screen, and select Uninstall button in the bottom tray. Then open charms bar, tap Search bar and type Calendar. Then select Store and tap the app to make a re-installtion. But that works temporarily and you have to re-add accounts.

How To Sync Multiple Google Calendars to Surface Pro Windows 8

Google Calendar supports desktop, tablet and mobile, but it is hard to setup multiple calendars synchronising on these devices. On the other hand, Windows 8′s default calendar app only show up your primary calendar by default. Here is the workaround about how to sync the Windows 8 Calendar app with many calendars from your Google Calendar account to Surface Pro or computer. Continue reading