How to schedule Automatic Backups in Windows 10 to create System Restore Point

Windows 10 comes with two different built-in backup utilities, File History, and Windows Backup and Restore. You can use the tool to manually creates and save those information including drivers, installed apps/programs, system files, and settings to a restore point, while the system only does that before system events. Without using third-party backup and recovery software, you can also setup it to schedule automatically to save your time and energy. Continue reading

Restore Windows 7 file backup in Windows 8.1

I had backed up my documents, music, pictures files in Windows 7 by built-in function and it created the MediaID.bin with an array of zip files. After I performed a clean install to Windows 8.1 completly, it deleted the previous partitions and now there is no way to restore these existed files apparently. How can I access or recover a few specific files without another computer? Continue reading

Windows 8.1 OneDrive backup files and personalization/app settings

The Microsoft free cloud storage service OneDrive has been launched on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, so users can store and access their files and data seamlessly on multiple devices. It brings many great features, such as Real-time collaborative document-editing, automatic photo-upload and camera backup. Continue reading

How to use File History to backup SkyDrive on Windows 8.1

I have got major problem in my Windows 8.1 pro computer. I am unable to use File History to backup Windows desktop version of the Skydrive folder to a a local server, but it worked fine in Win 8 OS. I try other files and folders and they run correctly. Should I need to replicate Skydrive to another folder? I creat a new library but that doesn’t take anyy effects. How can I fix the issues after the system upgraded? Continue reading

How to Backup/Restore Outlook 2013 Signatures in Windows 8

You might have setup several signatures for various types of emails in Outlook 2013. If you need to move from my old Windows 7 computer to a new computer running Windows 8, the rules and signatures can not be exported automatically and the .pst file for messages doesn’t include such information so you need to make a restore. Continue reading

Create System Image Backup on Windows 8.1 by PowerShell

Windows 8.1 Preview has removed the graphical interface for creating system images. However, the new OS allows system administrators to create and restore system image backups by PowerShell cmdlet, without Norton Ghost or other third-party softwares. That contain a full snapshot of the hard drive, including all critical volumes in the system state, user files and settings. Continue reading

How to Backup Windows 8 Device Driver on Surface Pro

Many software normally back up your Hard Drive, USB drives or entire Partition, and has a full computer backup feature in Windows 8. But they lack of a way to back up your device drivers installed on your tablet or computer. Making a special driver backup is useful and important, because you don’t have to find and download from website, even they are unavailable online. Continue reading

How to Backup Outlook 2013 .PST File

I am moving to Office 2013 and the Outlook 2013 app keeps crashing on my Windows 8 computer. I need to backup user’s .pst files. There are many other files in outlook, such as rules, pop3 configs, signatures. Is there an add-in or third party software/tool to automatically backup the Local user defined folder/file name within the Personal.pst? Continue reading