Windows 10 USB tethering not working with Android phones

I could get my Galaxy S6′s internet connection by USB tethering with my Windows 8 computer, but it is not working well on my Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 Pro. The USB tethering feature has been turned on in the phone’s Setting. I access the device status and it shows “Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device not connected: (Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)” message. Re-connecting the device doesn’t take effects. However, sometime it tethers and the connection becomes slow and laggy, even unusable. How can fix the issues? Continue reading

Windows 10 File History No usable drives found to backup

I was able to use my Seagate 2TB Ext drive to protect my data in Windows 8 on Surface Pro 3. After I upgrade the tablet to Windows 10 Pro and try to backup using File History, the feature doesn’t recognise this HDD and shows the error “No usable drives were found”. But I could access and drop files into it. The external hard drive really shows up in the taskbar and runs with third party backup programs. How can I fix the issue? Continue reading

How to use colorful Emoji In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

More and more people use the colorful and interesting Emojis in chat conversation and that become a bigger part of their daily communications. Android and iOS platform own set of exciting emojis, but you might still get the : and ) to create :) . The Fall Creators Update packs with the copious collections of Emoticons for you to use in desktop software or websites. Continue reading

Windows 10 keep searching and connecting to other WiFi network

There are multiple wireless signs in my company and I had connected to one on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. I noticed the weak connections causes the slow internet speed, so I changed to other one to get the better experience. However, it is annoying that Windows 10 system keeps searching and connecting to other wireless router automatically. It interferes with my connection and I could not figure out how to prevent from surveying for other networks. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Does Intel xeon process support or compatible with Windows 10

Windows 10 x64 version has specific requirements of the CPU with CMPXCHG16b, PrefetchW, and LAHF/SAHF, but it is not compatible with the Intel Xeon processor, according to its system requirement. If you try to install or upgrade to the new OS on your xeon machine, it will show the CPU isn’t supported message, or run into some problem once the installation is completed. I have done the same way on another intel celeron PC well, and could not figure out how to resolve it or optimize the settings for getting it working. Continue reading

Cannot Print emails from Outlook or Edge in Windows 10

I have used a Canon MX920 and it worked well in Windows 8, but the function is not working at all after upgraded to Windows 10 with the latest version of driver applied. When I select the Print option from the File menu on Office Outlook 2013, it shows error message and then outlook closes. I open an email in Edge browser to print and get the “Something went wrong and we can’t sign you in right now. Please try again later.” message. But I am able to print the file from Excel, Word. To resolve the problem temporarily, I have to copy and paste all contents onto Word to do that. Continue reading

How to change/backup screen brightness level in Windows 10 fall Creators update

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 fall Creators update, the display brightness might be adjusted to 50% or higher level after each reboot and become lighter. That also causes eye strain indoor and drain the tablet’s battery quickly. You can pick up the appropriate brightness in the Settings app manually, or do that using a registry tweak. Continue reading

Cannot login Windows 10 security policy to display last interactive logon information

I was able to use my Surface Pro 4 without any problem. However, after the tablet has been installed the Microsoft Cumulative maintenance, I can not login system with correct password. The screen keep showing the “Security policies on this computer are set to display information about the last interactive logon. Windows could not retrieve this information. Please contact your network administrator for assistance.” message and I could not figure out how to resolve it. Continue reading

How to display multiple time zones of locations in Windows 10 taskbar

If you work on a daily basis with people around the world or are in a foreign location., you might always do a google search in browser to keep track of time in different countries and time zones. It requires the internet connection, or some web sites have misleading keywords and text information. Many software can do the job well but the Windows 10 also have built-in feature to track of the time at many place. Continue reading