Fix Lock Screen Black Background no image after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I had set my own custom background image for the Lock screen in Windows 8.1 setting and it worked normally on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. However, after I installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Lock screen showed the date and time in the solid black background without any background image. When I brought up the Sign-in screen by hitting a key, the image was there and not broken. Continue reading

Enable Taskbar thumbnail previews on Windows 10 taskbar with multiple windows of app

By default when I opened multiple windows of the same app like the Internet Explorer or Edge browser in Windows 8, hovering over its icon on the taskbar will show multiple previews. However, after I installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and used GPU Tweak app to optimize Game Booster mode, it only showed a list of the app’s name. How can I restore default taskbar Thumbnail preview on my Surface Pro 3 tablet? Continue reading

Windows 10 Ubuntu Bash home directory location and access Drive in Bash

Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings a Ubuntu-based Bash shell subsystem for developers to run Linux software directly on Windows. Unlike other virtual machine, it is based on Microsoft’s abandoned Project Astoria and used to run Android apps. I have enabled the Bash feature in settings and install an entire Ubuntu user space environment on my Surface Pro 4 tablet, but don’t know where the Shell Files are stored and how to access the Windows system drive in Bash. Continue reading

Windows 10 Action Center keeps popping up when touchpad clicked

A lot of users have reported the problem on their laptop such as Dell, HP Pavilion, HP Spectre x360 and others. I was able to push my touchpad to open any program in Windows 8. After installed the Windows 10 anniversary update with up to date drivers, it caused the action center popping up, even sometimes I moved my mouse. So I had to click on the left key to open all the apps. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to schedule Automatic Backups in Windows 10 to create System Restore Point

Windows 10 comes with two different built-in backup utilities, File History, and Windows Backup and Restore. You can use the tool to manually creates and save those information including drivers, installed apps/programs, system files, and settings to a restore point, while the system only does that before system events. Without using third-party backup and recovery software, you can also setup it to schedule automatically to save your time and energy. Continue reading

Enable balloon notifications and disable toasts in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with the new Notification Center and all app and system notifications are displayed as toasts by default. However, they will disappear suddenly once the timeout is reached, as well as some do not appear at all due to the compatibility issues. If you would like to restore the balloon notifications and get a single tooltip from software, try the how-to tutorial to enable the feature on Surface Pro or other computer. Continue reading

Auto Rotation Lock Option missing/lost after Windows 10 anniversary update

I always disconnected my type cover and enabled the Tablet mode on my Surface Pro 4, so that I can easily read PDF and Office Word documents. However, after my tablet installed Windows 10 anniversary update, the screen rotate button had completely disappeared from the action center and the related options was missing in Display settings. Now I am stuck with no rotation charm and lost the ability to auto rotate. Continue reading

Fix Windows Firewall Has Blocked Some Features Of This App in Windows 10/8

For security, I have enabled the built-in Windows Firewall to prevent viruses, worms and hackers from exploit Windows 10 and use it to block suspicious activity. However, everytime I open certain app or software and it requires the internet connection like Chrome, Spotify, Transmission, it pops up the warning “Window Firewall has blocked some features of this app” message repeatedly. I have to click on Allow access button to correspond activity repeatedly and it is really frustration. Continue reading

How to Enable Multi Factor Auth in Outlook 2016 Home or Outlook 2013

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is based on user logins for cloud services and beyond a password. To protect against account and email compromise, users must enter their password correctly and also acknowledge an app notification, a text message or phone call, then allow to sign in. However, I face the problem while enabling the MFA feature. Continue reading

Fix Windows Store cache may be damaged after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

My Surface Pro 4 tablet run into app problem after installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The Calendar, Weather, Outlook Mail live tiles are not updating and appear only blank content with a generic blue color. I pin a websites to the start menu and it is also not working and that happen with those like MSN News, Facebook and Twitter. I use the built-in Windows Store Apps troubleshooter to identify that and it reports“Windows Store cache may be damaged“ and I could not find a way to resolve the problem. Continue reading