Windows 8/RT FLAC Player App for Surface tablet

Windows has been lacking of FLAC support and the software foobar2000, AIMP3, Winamp can do the good job. However, they are only working on Windows 8.1/8 os, and don’t support on ARM process device running Windows RT. If you would like to read FLAC music files on Surface tablet, the FLAC Player application could help you resolve the problem. Continue reading

How to Add Chrome-Style Tabs in Windows 8.1 File Explorer

The Chrome browser treats each tab as a separate process and has multi-tab functionality so you can manage lots of webpage in a straightforward interface. However, a tabbed file manager is missing in Windows 8.1 OS. Such feature not only let you take full control on locally-stored items, but also offers a direct way to browse multiple folders at once. Continue reading

How to fix broken modern app shortcuts in Windows 8.1 update

If your have installed Modern apps in Windows 8 pro and then upgrade to Windows 8.1 or apply the update 1, some Store app shortcuts will be not working and become broken while you are trying to open any of them., as well as right-click it can’t bring any option. The problem is caused by running anti-virus software like Avast 2014 during the process. Continue reading

Fix Camera Black/Dark Screen in Windows 8.1 Skype, Hangouts chat

The Microsoft Skype and Google Hangouts service offer the face-to-face video chatting solution with your friends and family in Windows tablet and computer. However, once you have installed the Windows 8.1 update 1 on the device, sometimes you should notice that others app connect directly to the system’s Camera and it just shows the black screen or becomes too dark or too bright. Continue reading

VLC media player Beta for Windows 8.1/8 Download

VLC is a very popular and open-source media player and streaming server. After a year development, finally its Modern/Metro version is officially available as a beta build in the Windows Store. The Windows 8 built-in video player is very terrible, and this is good replacement for modern UI users. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 Health Care Apps for Patients and Doctors

A lot of native health apps have been developed for Windows 8.1/8 and RT in Windows Store, and allow users to run them across multiple devices, such as Surface tablets, desktops and laptops. You might want to choose one to do somethings like improve health, change behaviour, monitor drinking, find medications, or get health answers instantly. Continue reading

Best Windows 8.1 touchscreen Games you must have

The Windows 8 operating system has two completely different user interfaces with touch support. Users can still play the vast majority of games or desktop softwares for Windows 7 in the new platform, but it is good chioce to have a touchscreen equivalent like doing in android and iOS devices. Now Many developers have made this next-generation software. Continue reading

Mozilla Modern-style Firefox app for Windows 8.1 download

The IE 11 is improved version of browser made by Microsoft, and you might don’t like to use it. Now Mozilla launch a Beta version of Modern-style Firefox flagship web browser. The app can be used for Windows 8.x-based tablets like Surface Pro, and computer with touchscreen monitor, but doesn’t support with Windows RT on ARM processor devices. Continue reading

Download Windows 8.1 Bing Maps app preview with 3D maps and street view

Microsoft has released the next generation maps app in preview for Windows 8.1 with new features, such as High-Res 3D Imagery and street-level photography on selective locations. It has been built from scratch and moves Maps into true 3D, similar to the well-known Google maps software. Continue reading