How to Fix MSN Page opens in Chrome browser on Windows 10 Startup

I have setup the Google Chrome as the default browser in Windows 10 setting app on my Surface Pro 4. However, after I power up or restart the tablet and then log into the system, it pops up a dialog box asking “How do you want open this?” with Chrome pre-selected in a list of apps. I click OK button then MSN page open and load the contents automatically. Continue reading

Fix Power Plan Setting Not Working in Windows 10 anniversary update

My PC is dual boot system and has a existing Win 7 and I installed Windows 8.1 in a new partition. In Win8.1, I modified the existing power plan to setup the computer to sleep in 30 minutes with the display to turn off in 15 minutes and everything worked normally. However, After I upgraded the system to Windows 10 anniversary update, the custom power plan is not working properly. When there is one minute of inactivity, the display goes blank. Sometimes it won’t turn into sleep mode properly in time and does that on its own. Continue reading

How to enable XP Quick Launch Bar in Windows 10 taskbar

If you frequently use some apps or software on your tablet or computer, a convenient way is to use Quick Launch toolbar so you are able to access those items easily and quickly. But Windows 10 doesn’t come with this feature and it is only available in the previous versions of operate system. If you love to use the Windows XP-style interface, try the method to restore the old Quick Launch Bar for your prefer. Continue reading

How To Rename Multiple Files at One Time in File Explorer on Windows 10/8

If a group of files come with names that don’t suggest anything, it is really difficult to rename each file one by one and sort them. Without wasting a lot of time, Windows 10/8 offers a efficiency way to batch rename multiple Files quickly for resolving the problem. You could try the how-to tutorials on your Surface Pro or computer. Continue reading

How to change/enable random MAC address in Windows 10 for Wi-Fi adapter

The MAC address is a unique hardware address using for every network card while consists of 6 pairs of characters, so ISPs often use it to authenticate client devices. If you would like to avoid the location tracking based on the device’s physical address, you can easily do that by randomizing your adapter’s MAC address in Windows 10, but this feature is only working for certain Wi-Fi adapters. Here are the how-to tutorials on Surface Pro model tablet and Windows 10 computer. Continue reading

Fix Right click properties not working/opening in Windows 10

After my Surface Pro 4 has installed the Windows 10 anniversary update, I can’t access properties of folders, files, shortcuts and local disks. When I right mouse click on any file item or icon and select Properties option on Context menu, it is not working and doesn’t respond while other options are fine. Performing SFC scannow command fix found corrupted files but that doesn’t take effects on my tablet. Continue reading

Fix Microsoft Store Try Again Later Something Happened at our End in Windows 10

I am unable to get apps from the store on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. When I open store app in Windows 10 and try to download any app or game that I had never before, a grey box appears and shows the error message “Try again later. Something happened on our end”. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

How to Print multiple photos on one sheet in Windows 10

I have the old Photo Viewer on my Windows 7 computer and it is easy to use. However, after upgrade to Windows 10 anniversary update, I could not figure out how to pick up and print multiple photos on one sheet. Now I would like to deal with 2 or more items in photo app to have four 3 x 6 photos on one page. I don’t want to print one photo per page for my projects. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

File unlocker software for Windows 10 fix File Is Locked problem

If the file is really being in use with some app or program, you won’t be able to delete or move it and also get a error message “the file is locked”. Because Windows locks it for editing and prevents others making changes with it. Without having to restart the system to resolve the problem, the file unlocker software also do the job well in Windows 10. Continue reading

Add/remove file type in New Item of File Explorer Ribbon menu in Windows 10

The ribbon menu of File Explorer in Windows 10 includes many tasks such as Cut-Copy-Paste, Select, Share, and comes with new UI. The New Item in the Home tab allows users to quickly create a new file of a certain type, without right-click to get context menu. Here are the how-to tutorials for that. Continue reading