Windows 10 folder mark Read only and cannot unmark

My Surface Pro 3 has been upgraded to the Windows 10 Fall Creaters Update. But all of my files and folders like personal documents just remain as READ only status, and it is no way to unmark the box. I could not gain the full access for that. Only the files on my desktop have the write attributes. How can I resolve the problem on my tablet? Continue reading

How to enable/setup OpenSSH Server and generate key in Windows 10

The secure shell (ssh) protocol is used for remote system access, remote file transfer in Unix. Now the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update comes with the native OpenSSH feature, which have both client and server for installation on your tablet or computer. An OpenSSH implementation is the value of the OS increases, and here are the how-to tips to enable and setup OpenSSH Server. Continue reading

How to fix settings app not opening/launch in Windows 10 Creator Update

The Windows 10 worked fine on my Surface Pro 4 tablet since upgraded to Creator Update, and runs into some issues. Now the system doesn’t recognize any of bluetooth devices, while I also can not open the Settings app. It just opens, and flashes light on my screen, then closes down. Running the troubleshooter options via downloaded files and Dism commands find nothing. How can I fix the issue? Continue reading

How to enable/disable Cortana suggested reminders in Windows 10

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana get a new feature named suggested reminders in Windows 10. Cortana will scan and detect commitments on something you made to your friend or other people about you will do in an email message, and create automatic reminder to alert you to complete tasks. The feature uses machine learning technology and can help users easily keep their promises on Surface Pro tablet or Windows 10 computer. Continue reading

Fix OneNote 2016 screen clipping not working in Windows 10

I have installed the Office 365 in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet and it includes the OneNote 2016 desktop version with a few cool new features. I was in the habit of pressthe Windows+S from keyboard to create screen clippings and insert it on a page in the old the 2013 version. But the Screen Clipping shortcut is not working and I have to use the mouse to select and clip. That is not very efficient for me. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

Cannot Print emails message in Windows 10 mail or edge

I used a basic Epson wifi printer xp-202 with default setup in Windows 8 and everything worked fine. After the computer is upgraded to Windows 10 OS, I am bale to print emails from Windows Live Mail and other documents, but cannot print emails from within the built-in email app. When I click the 3-dot icon at the top right and select print option, the little dots circle kept spining and displayed “Nothing was sent to print. Open document and print again.” error message. Continue reading

Picasa HD app for Windows RT and 8 download

The Picasa 3.9 software is compatible with Windows 8 operating system, but there are still some serious issues. There is no official Windows 8 app released by Google. If you are looking for related app working on the start screen of Windows RT or 8 OS, the third-party developer’s client could help you easily access Google’s cloud services. Continue reading

How to Run XBMC on Startup in Windows 8 Pro

I use a Windows 8 Pro computer 80% for XBMC and has dragded this application into the Startup folder, but it wont not work. Because Windows 8 first run inyo the Metro Start screen. And I have to get it by switching over to the Desktop. To get the machine as a dedicated HTPC, try the tip about how to setup and run XBMC on Startup in Windows 8. Continue reading

Where is Serial Number located on Surface Pro/RT

I need to register the device with its serial number, so I can get Microsoft tech support. Somebody say that it is on the box the device came in, but I have threw the packaging away. Any way to find it and resolve the problem?

Where is the serial number located on my Surface Pro for requesting service?
Note: Registering your product or requesting service requires serial Number which are always used in network protocols.
The serial number on the back of the Surface Pro/RT tablet under the kickstand. There is a Windows logo and two columns behind the kickstand. The right column is either 32GB or 64GB storage space, and the left column is the word “Surface” and the 12-digit serial number (look like XXXXXXXXXXXX.)

If you are using the Surface Book Hub, it is on the bottom edge of the Clipboard whihc you use to attach to the keyboard.

For the original packaging for your own device, the serial number is on the barcode label.

Within Windows 8, you can also try this method in system.
* Type command in searching box, select Command Prompt from results.
IN Windows 10, right click on Start menu, and select ” Command Prompt (admin)”
* Within the Command Prompt, type the command:

wmic csproduct

and press Enter to execute it and get name, vendor and identifyingNumber. The serial number is under identifyingNumber tab of the result.

Another way
Or you can open the built-in Surface app, it is listed under Your Surface Device.