Failed to remove bluetooth device on Surface Pro Windows 8

I have put a USB Bluetooth adapter with my SUrface Pro and connect to a Bluetooth headset. When I go to PC Setting > Devices, and try to remove the headset, Windows 8 get BSOD eventually and now it list “Removing device”with unclickable “-” sign. Try reconnecting my headset to the tablet get error “Adding your device failed. Remove it from your PC first then try again.” Continue reading

Change Windows 8 logon screen background color on Surface Pro

When you boots up the Surface Pro, Windows 8 Pro logon screen background keeps coming with the picture of Seattle drawing with the yellow bubbles. If you don’t like the default color and want to change to a color of your choice, try the following tips to change Windows 8 logon screen background color and picture on Surface Pro. Continue reading

How to keep Surface Pro/RT screen on

iHeart radio app from app Store offers a way to find and listen to more than 1500 live radio stations on Windows 8 computer. When I use the iHeart radio app on my Surface pro tablet without doing any action, the screen dims and turns off automatically but the audio doesn’t continue. That happens with Music app. How can keep my Surface stay on? Continue reading

How to Speed Up Windows RT Tablet

If you own a Windows RT tablet, like Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS 10, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 or Samsung Ativ Tab, you may notice that touchscreen lag is reduced to just 1ms. But the standard of lag touchscreens experience is 100ms. That is significantly lower. When I am playing around with a Surface RT, sometime entire unit is hanging and responsing slowly. If you have the same issues, try the tip for speeding up Windows RT Tablet and removing the lag. Continue reading

Speakers are distorted and audio is crack issues

When my Surface RT is in standby with cover closed and notification comes up, sometime sound plays but the speakers are distorted and the noise crackles. The audio is just stuttering. However, I listen to music and play games and the speakers work just fine without blown. My friend also have the same issues. After the tablet is in sleep or standby mode, the audio is crackly sometimes. Try making Windows updates/drivers can’t fix the issues. Continue reading

Black screen after wake up from sleep mode

My Surface RT tablet seems to be not working since now. When I attempt to wake it up from sleep mode, a black screen just shows and nothing happens. Then I have to restart the Surface every time and login my account again. I find that a solution is to download and install the latest drivers for the display adapter from Windows Update control panel. I have done that but get the following error message: Continue reading