How to Delete/Forget WiFi Network Profiles in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 lacks of visual tools for managing network profiles and doesn’t offer the “Forget this network” option in the Networks pane. In the previous os 8, just navigate to the Network and Sharing Center and get it from contextual menu. If the wireless networks’s password has been changed, you will have problem to remove it. Continue reading

Cannot RDP to Windows 8.1 on Mac by Remote Desktop client app

I have upgraded to the Windows 8.1 Preview on my Surface Pro. It transfers over all seeting from Windows 8 correctly. However, I keep getting RDP issues. When I use the latest version of client RDP app 2.1.1 to Remotely access windows 8.1 preview’s desktop, it shows the error message on my Mac OSX Mountain Lion: Continue reading

Fix Limited WiFi connection in Windows 8.1 Preview

My Surface RT has been updated to Windows RT 8.1 Preview build, and sometimes the wifi connection has gone suddenly. When I open Setting in Charms bar, the WiFi shows “available” with no bars. I click on its symbol to go to Networks screen, the wifi header under connections has 5 full bars but is limited. Now I am unable to browse Internet freely via a wireless network connection. My friends also get the exact same issue every 5-10 minutes after updated Surface Pro to Windows 8.1. Continue reading

How to Enable 802.11n Mode for Windows 8/RT Wireless Connection

The 802.11n Wi-Fi standard offers fast speeds and strong performance, and is compatible with older 802.11g or 802.11b gear. If you use 802.11n Wireless Router and get problem connecting your Surface Pro Windows 8 to Access point or want to have a high speed Wireless Connection, try the following step by step: Continue reading

Windows 8 Map Network Drive An extended error has occurred

When I try to map a network drive to my storage area network (SAN) using UNC paths in Windows 8 Pro, I recieve the Error messages “The mapped network drive could not be created because the following error has occurred: An extended error has occurred.” Turnning off firewall and antivirus, but it is still not working. How can I fix the mounting issues? Continue reading

How to Change Priority of Wireless Networks in Surface Pro Windows 8

In Windows 7, it is easy to configure the priority or order of wireless networks under “Manage wireless networks” panel. However, no such option to modify the properties is available in Windows 8 and that let me face problem. My home uses two wireless networks, and the Surface Pro keeps picking the one with the weaker signal. Continue reading

How to Remove Mixi.DJ Toolbar in Windows 8 Pro

I use IE 10 to access website on my Surface Pro Windwos 8. Today I find that an un-welcomed MIXI.DJ toolbar has downloaded itself and pretends to be a common application. I open Control Panel and uninstall it in programs but it still stays and now has replaced my homepage with its own one over my browsers. How to get rid of the malware or virus? Continue reading