How to Change Default Windows 8 Email Client on Surface Pro

When you click an email (MailTo) link on a webpage from IE 10 on Surface Pro, the Windows 8′s new Mail app will come up and it is very annoying. If you have installed other desktop email program like Outlook, try the steps to setup and change the Default Email Client for IE, Chrome or Firefox in Windows 8. Continue reading

Create Contact group in People app in Surface Pro Windows 8

I am able to add a contact group On my Windows Phone and the step is also very simple on Windows 7. However, when I switch to Surface Pro Windows 8, I can’t find a way to create a contact group in mail or people app. I have imported all contacts from Outlook, Google and Facebook. I have 10 friends and want to send emails to regularly as a group but fails. Continue reading

How to downupgrade from to Hotmail/

I have upgraded automatically from Hotmail account to successfully. However, when I use Windows Live Messenger on Windows 8 computer, I can’t find all my contacts. It seems that they are not online but are still there. How can I undo upgrade from Hotmail to and downgrade to my previous @Hotmail address or Windows Live ID account? Continue reading

How to create email folder in Windows 8 Pro/RT

I have setup hotmail account within the email app and everything works fine. When I click on the “mail” tile on my Surface windows 8 pro tablet, there is no NEW FOLDER link in the folder section and so that I can’t find a way to create a new folder in Hotmail. Is that somethnig worng with my Windows 8 installtion? Continue reading