Windows 10 Calendar App not show all events problem

I had setup the live mail calendar software to view my Google Calendar in Windows 7 computer. After upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, all the events are transferred to the built-in calendar app automatically. Recently I schedules eight events to a particular date, but the app only displays a maximum of 3 events and others disappear. To see the 4th event, I have to delete the previous one. Continue reading

How to setup automatic replies in Windows 8.1 Mail app when on vacation

If you are not at home or not at the office and want to inform people about your absence, a convenient auto-responder is your great email-free time and also doesn’t make others to get nervous or frustrated if their messages are not answered. The Windows 8.1 mail app comes with many new features, such as easy sorting, multiple account support and also an option to configure and send automatic vacation replies to the incoming emails in the mail box. Continue reading

Transfer Contacts from People App to Outlook RT in Windows RT 8.1

The full version of Outlook 2013 RT with touch-friend support is available for download from the Windows Store, but it is still lacks features like add-ins and Lync integration. If you have upgraded Surface RT to Windows 8.1 and also want to replace the build-in mail app, there are two options for migrating contacts which have been kept in the People app ( Continue reading

How to reset Exchange ActiveSync policies in Windows 8

I have configured Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) and get an ActiveSync policies remaining issue with Mail client on Windows 8 computer, even I have removed Exchange mailboxes requiring the policies and the account. Try doing a remote wipe from the server and re-installing the entire mail app but still not working. Continue reading

How to create Contacts Group in Windows 8 People app

If you have many contacts in a list, that gets way too cluttered to manage them. With making a Contacts Group, it is easy to sift through co-workers, friends and family. I have set up contact groups on my iPhone and iPad successfully, but can not find any option to create and edit a group in Windows 8 people app. Continue reading

Cannot download attachments in Windows 8 Pro mail app

I have an imap account served by SBS 2003 Exchange server, and have setup it in mail app on my Windows 8 Pro . When I receive emails and try to open the attachment such as jpg, PDF or Word document , it shows error “one or more files cannot be downloaded, TRY AGAIN”. Continue reading

Import Outlook Express into Windows 8 mail app

My old computer running Windows XP has All my email going back many years on Outlook Express. I want to import the Outlook Express Address Book into Windows Mail app? I have backed up all emails and saved them as .dbx files onto a flash drive. How to migrate these addresses so I can access all my old messages and email addresses on Surface Pro Windows 8? Continue reading