HomeGroup file share missing in Windows 10 spring creators update

The new Windows 10 Spring Creators is the first 2018 big update, and brings many features and changes. Lots of users have upgraded their tablet or computer, but then could not access the Home Group sharing. I search for it in the Start Menu and it is missing from results and could not figure out how to enable it on my Surface Pro 3 to transfer video files. Continue reading

Cannot find and save a theme error in Windows 10 after update

I have fitted a SSD with OS on my Windows 10 computer and used 2TB hard drive for storage. After apply the latest Fall creator updates, I log into my desktop and then get the error. It titles “Save a Theme” with message “Windows can’t find one of the files in this theme. Do you still want to save the theme?” I reboot the system and it is still recurring. How can I resolve it on my PC? Continue reading

Fix Task manager causes Windows 10 freeze and unresponsive

My Surface Pro 3 has installed the Fall creator update and then runs into the strange problem. I am able to use most of the apps from my desktop. However, when I press the Ctl+Alt+Del from keyboard to bring up task manager, Windows 10 runs slowly, and then turns into freezing and unresponsive. I could not move the cursor or select anything and have to do a hard restart. How can I resolve it on my tablet? Continue reading

How to setup multi-GPU Preferred for apps/games in Windows 10

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update version 1803 contains many useful features, such as Diagnostic Data Viewer, Quick Pairing for Bluetooth Devices, new Cortana Collections and more. The Settings app has overrided the NVIDIA or AMD control panels. On your tablet or computer with multi-graphics, it is easy to setup applications to use a multi-GPU system, without using third-part plane. Continue reading

Enable Diagnostic Data Viewer and manage collected data in Windows 10

Windows 10’s Spring Creators Update will be available April 2018. It comes with many new features, such as Timeline, Near Share Brings Easy Wireless File Sharing, and improved Privacy. If you want to find out the exact information sent to and stored in Microsoft’s cloud about your specific hardware device, try the method to turn it on and view them on your tablet or computer. Continue reading

Windows Mixed Reality headset shows black screen in Windows 10

I have bought the Samsung Odyssey VR headset and controllers bundle from Amazon, and it worked on my Windows 10 computer. Recently I clone the OS to a SSD drive and apply the latest updates. When I plug it in and wait it to load, the display screen can show the VR image but then my headset show a black screen with nothing. Somethings I launch the Mixed Reality Portal and get a Something Went Wrong error. I could hear the repetitive sound. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Fall creator error code 0xc1900200/0xc1900201 in Windows 10 upgraded

I have already installed 1703 Creators update on my Surface Pro 4. However, recently Windows 10 try to download and apply the fall creators 1709 with important security things and it is fail to complete that. It displays the Something went wrong message with error code 0xc1900200 or 0xc1900201. My friend talk me that the System Reserved partition needs to have 450MB at least. I use the Windows disk management and it doesn’t allow to make changes. How can I resolve it on my tablet. Continue reading

How to fix running apps closed upon sleep mode in Windows 10

I have bought a brand new Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10. I always use the Office 365 to edit my word documents and read Outlook message for a long time. After the tablet get 5 minute idle and run into sleep mode, I wake it up but my running software and applications have been closed completely. That lost valuable data and also tons of work. But the hibernation mode only works after 180 minutes. How can I change the power settings to resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows 10 SSD not showing up or multiple empty disks in Disk Management

My Win7 computer had connected with the main HDD and two more SSDs which act as backup data. To prevent the Windows 10 upgrade from affecting them, I remove those disk during the process. However, after I put both into their previous locations, I could not get them to show up in Disk Management or File Explorer’s This PC. If I boot into BIOS screen, they appear fine. How can I make system to recognize the Solid State Drivers? Continue reading

Use Hey Cortana to find Spotify songs by lyrics in Windows 10

If you use Cortana feature to search for music, it may show the Song unrecognized and not identify error in Windows 10, due to the Groove Music has been closed in the end of 2017 year. Now her ability to listen to music gets a good alternative, and adds integration with Spotify quickly to resolve the problem. Without knowing the name of the music, you can easily find the lyrical content to enjoy yourself on your Surface Pro tablets or other computers. Continue reading