How to install/uninstall Office Word/Excel apps on Windows 10 S

Microsoft is working on turning the full (Win32) desktop versions of the Office software into Office apps for running on specific devices. You might have got a new Surface laptop running Windows 10 S, and it always takes a straightforward way to get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher. Because you are only allowed to download and update them right from the Windows Store. Continue reading

Fix Optimization not available on SSD in Windows 10/8

To improve your PC’s performance, it is easy to use Optimize and Defragment feature to manually optimize any type of drives to defrag a HDD or TRIM a SSD. However, when I click “Optimize” from local disk (C:) properties on my Windows 10 computer raid with mechanical disks, both Analyze and Optimize buttons are grayed out. The Media type lists it as solid state drive and the current status is optimization not available. The problem only happens after Creators Update. How can I get it working? Continue reading

How to Use Improved Windows Inking Features in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The Windows inking features was introduced in the Anniversary Update, and now get more useful features in the Fall Creators Update (previously known as Redstone 3). In the latest updates, a new XAML-based handwriting panel comes with new gestures support, easier editing, emoji, and more. Here are the list of useful features with Windows ink. Continue reading

Windows 10 Libraries folder missing in save as Navigation pane

I have got problem in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. When I right click an image on a webpage and use “Save As” option on Edge browser, the pop-up explorer window doesn’t show the “Libraries” folder in the navigation pane, such as Documents, Music. I have to go inside a folder which is included in my pictures library to do that. It also happens with save office word/excel file and I need to go to This PC > MyData > Documents. How can I restore the Libraries folder to the topmost position in the list? Continue reading

How To change custom Taskbar Color in Windows 10 Creators Update

I had configured a solid black wallpaper as desktop background on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. And the taskbar was also black by default in Windows 10 Creators Update. Now I change to another wallpaper and that doesn’t looks nice at all, so I want to change the taskbar color to my own custom color to match it. Continue reading

Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot connections Obtaining IP Address problem

I would like to use my Surface Pro 4 tablet as a mobile hot-spot. After I turn on mobile hotspot in Network & Internet page of the Settings app, other devices like my Android phone doesn’t connect to it and the connection just stuck at “Obtaining IP address” message. The device can not assign a static IP addresses and I am not sure if it is caused by DHCP in Windows 10 Pro. Continue reading

Fix Windows Hello Isn’t Available On This Device on Windows 10 creator update

When I open the Settings app and go to the Sign-in options page, the Windows hello feature is not working and it displays the “Windows Hello isn’t available on this device.” error. Now I am unable to setup Windows Hello as advanced security for logging into system using facial recognition. How can I fix the issue on my Surface Pro 3 with Creator update? Continue reading

Fix CompatTelRunner.exe high CPU & disk usage in WIndows 10/8

The Windows 10 slows down and always becomes unusable on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. Through the Task Manager, the Windows Compatability Telemetry (CompatTelRunner.exe) takes extremely high CPU and disk usage at 100% level. Thousands of disk reads and 3000 page are faulted by I/O other. That also happens on my Windows 8 computer. How can I fix the large performance issues? Continue reading

Fix Amazon assistant cannot uninstall in Windows 10 Creator update

I have upgraded my tablet to Windows 10 Creator update home version. After I reboot and login the system, the desktop keep popping up the Amazon assistant causes .dll error messages. If I try to open Amazon Assistant, it just runs install wizard and nothing else. Its extension also appears in Internet Explorer. Now I could not find a way to uninstall it completely because the related option is grayed out in the Settings app. Continue reading