Cortana your account needs to be updated in Windows 10 v1803

I have installed the Windows 10 version 1803 on my Surface Pro 3 with the up-to-date updates. When I log into my desktop using my Microsoft account, the Cortana is not working. The app doesn’t allow me to make changes with some basic configures, while says “It looks like your account needs to be updated. I can take you there to get that settled“. Now I couldn’t execute some commands or access her notebook on my tablet. That also happens with local username. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Mail account system error can’t get mail after Windows 10 v1803 update

I had setup my Gmail account in the built-in mail app on my Surface Pro 3 tablet and everything worked smoothly. However, I face the problem after installed the Windows 10 version 1803 updates. I could not receive and not send email messages, due to the mail server doesn’t connect. On the main screen, the accounts heading just display the “System error. Can’t get mail.” error. I have never made changes with pop/smtp and other settings with my current account. How can I resolve it on my tablet? Continue reading

Fix sihost.exe system warning unknown hard error in Windows 10 v1803 updates

I had done a clean installation of Windows 10 build 1803 updates on my Surface book. I setted it to keep all my files while all apps were lost. So I ran the setup.exe file to reinstall the Keepvid video editor program, and then made a restarting. However, when I logged into desktop, the sihost.exe – System Warning (Unknown Hard Error) window popped up. i could not figure out how to resolve the problem. Continue reading

Max level Screen brightness and cannot adjust after Windows 10 v1803 update

My Windows 10 computer has been upgraded to the version 1803 April 2018 Update successfully. However, when I log into my desktop, the display just stuck at the highest brightness level and it is hard to read text message and contents. I move the brightness slider down in the Settings app and nothing changes. The graphic drivers of Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5650 is up-to-date on my device. The adapter also can not offer the 1366 x 768 resolution. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Unavailable desktop with recycle bin on black screen on Windows 10 v1803 update

I tried to upgrade to the Windows 10 version 1803 March from v1709 on my computer through Windows update. The process went smoothly and then rebooted the device. However, when I login with my local account, the desktop became unavailable in a black background screen. The only visible icon was the recycle bin while the taskbar didn’t function any more. It showed “updates help protect you from an online world” message. Continue reading

Clock and slideshow cannot display on Windows 10 lock screen

Every time the the screen timeout normally in Windows 10, the slideshow plays well with time clock and pictures from selected folders. However, if I press Win + L from keyboard to active it on my Surface Pro 3′s display, the sign-in screen background covers it up and everything is static. I disable the “Show lock screen background picture on sign-in screen” option in Settings app, and then it just shows the current accent color. The problem seems to happen after the version 1803 update. How can I resolve it? Continue reading

Windows Store cannot Download app and Refreshes Page with Windows 10 1803

I was able to download app and game on my Surface Book 2 running Windows 10 Pro. However, it is not working after I install the version 1803 updates. When I click on “Get” button with any app, it just shows the Working status and reloads the current page. Then I go to disable the Windows Defender and firewall and nothing takes effect. How can I resolve it completely? Continue reading

Jump List icon get White border in Windows 10 1803 update

The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update has been applied on my Surface Pro 3 successfully. However, when I hold and press on a pinned icon from task bar, the jump list animation starts and a white border also appears. For example, I have pinned the File Explorer next to the Cortana search box, and then the icon get around the border. I update the Display Adapters driver and nothing works. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Windows 10 v1803 boot/load fails with black screen

My Windows 10 computer with HDD had got the build 1803 through the first automatic update. The installation process was fine, but then failed to start with the first cold start. When I restarted the PC again, the system kept loading and then stuck at the black screen. Starting in Safe Mode was not working at all, even I changed to a new HDD. How can I resolve the system won’t load problem? Continue reading

Windows 10 keeps asking to setup PIN lock after startup on 1803 update

After I install the Windows 10 v1803 update on my Surface Pro 3, the system keeps asking me to set up a PIN lock. I perfect to use password using my Microsoft account. The method is much less secure and is useful for me. That happens every time with start up and I could not find a way to skip the process. It seems that creating a pin will replace my current password for the authenticator. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading