How to disable lock screen in Windows 10 Pro/Home after Creators Update

The lock screen can prevent accidental unlocks, because the stsyem might be any misuse by small children, and then make your important data and files losing. So Microsoft remove the option to disable the feature in the Settings of the latest Windows 10. However, somebody feel that it is not useful and would like to disable it completely, without having to swipe, tap or key away the lock screen. Continue reading

Press key screensaver not terminate after Windows 10 Creator Update

I had already set the screensaver to display photos on my Surface Pro 4 and it worked perfectly. After installed the Windows 10 Creator’s Update, I could not move mouse around or press a key from keyboard to terminate the running screensaver feature. To get it going away, I have to hit Alt-Ctrl-Delete keys and click on Cancel button. It occurs for both Local accounts and Microsoft account. Any way to close the screensaver on my tablet? Continue reading

Auto rotation option missing and not working in Windows 10 Creator Update

After my tablet has been installed the Windows 10 Creator Update, I could not find any option to rotate the screen to portrait or upside-down landscape. I open the change display setting and the auto rotate option is not visible or available. So I could not interact with it. Then I run device manager and update all drivers with human interface, but nothing take effect. How can I fix the issue? Continue reading

Disable hibernation and FastStartup in Windows 10 to dual boot with Ubuntu

I have re-partitioned the disk on my Windows 10 tablet and installed Ubuntu successfully. However, after I restart the system, the dual boot options are missing and I have to boot to Windows again. I use the Boot-repair method and it doesn’t works all the time. It seems that the hibernation and fastboot features cause the problem and they are enabled by default. Continue reading

Colored title bars and white borders problem in Windows 10 Creator Update

The Settings app comes a new feature to allow you to custom color for title bars and the taskbar since the Windows 10 15014 version. I have upgraded my Surface Pro 4 tablet from old build to Creator Update and face the weird problem. After I log in system and open any regular programs like Windows Explorer, the default old white title bar becomes the ugly bold colored one, and its close, minimize buttons look horrible. Return to my desktop, I notice that the app and notification icons on taksbar are arounded a white border, and that didn’t appear before. Continue reading

Remove/Disable app store in Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise machines

I have managed multiple computers in our company. Most of PCs are running Windows 10 Pro and others are Enterprise Edition version. I need to disable the App store for all the users on those machines. It was easy to remove the function by a group policy in Windows 8.1 enterprise but now I find the tool is missing. How can I prevent users from browsing Windows store or install the new apps from there? Continue reading

Cannot browse SMB shared network PCs in File Explorer on Windows 10 Creator update

I have installed Creators Edition Update on all Windows 10 computers and tablets by Media Creator tool and the upgrade procees successfully. However, I am unable to browse the Network in File Explorer and can not access shared folders on that PC, and that worked fine before. I run the net view command and it results in “The service has not been started. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2184.” error. Continue reading

File Explorer Ribbon toolbar greyed out in Windows 10

The function of File Explorer seems to be corrupted in my Windows 10 64-bit computer. When I try to make changes with its configuration, the Ribbons toolbar with Home tab is greyed out. I want to change folders to show file details or use the search box and nothing hapens. When I return to my desktop and right click any empty area to create a new folder, no menu appears and I am not sure what cause the problem. Continue reading

Fix Your computer is low on memory RAM problems in Windows 10 Creators update

My Windows 10 computer with 8GM RAM runs perfectly since installing Creators update. I have never installed third-party antivirus software and only use the windows defender. When I open the Chrome browser to load some webpages, the system always pops up the warning “Your computer is low on memory. To restore enough memory for programs to work correctly, save your files and then close or restart all open programs.” and the app crashes. In the task manager’s performance tab, it only shows the low Memory and CPU usage. I am not sure which program take lots of memory. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Game V-sync/G-sync not working with uncapped FPS in Windows 10 Creators Update

If your NVIDIA graphics card and monitor both support NVIDIA G-Sync or V-sync. it can make your playing video games look better and eliminate screen tearing, or syncs up the frames with your monitor. I was able to play every single game with capped Fps since installed Creators Update. When I play Overwatch game on Borderless mode, the FPS changes from 50-100 all the time and it keeps stuttering. So the Windowed G-Sync is not working and has been disabled by Windows 10. Continue reading