How To Change Mail App background color for multiple accounts in Windows 10

In Windows 10, the stock Mail app doesn’t have full feature of Outlook software, but offers basic functions for many users. It not only integrates with the People and Calendar apps, but also supports multiple accounts. Here are the how-to tutorials about change Mail’s appearance and set a different color and background for each account on Surface Pro tablet or computer. Continue reading

Open Google Keep Or Evernote by Action Center Note Button in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you are able to quickly create a new OneNote note by opening the Action Center and clicking a handy Note button. The Note button is linked to the OneNote UWP app by default, while the system doesn’t offer the option to customizate it. If you would like to set it to open Evernote or Google Keep, try the tutorials through registry editor. Continue reading

How to pair and setup Surface Dial on Windows 10 creators update

Microsoft Surface Dial is an innovative PC controller in Windows 10. Without using keyboard shortcuts or menu navigations, you can press and turn this new accessory for quickly bringing up the most used shortcuts, controls, or perform a few basic functions with an app. Microsoft Surface Dial is probably best suited for Surface Studio, and is working on all Windows 10 computer, laptop, or tablet that supports Bluetooth LE (Low Energy). Continue reading

How to schedule Night Light and set color temperatures in Windows 10

The Windows 10 Creators Update known as Redstone 2 has added Night Light for reducing Blue Light while improving sleep quality, and it is similarly to the f.lux utility or iOS with Night Shift. This new feature makes color temperatures warmer and dim the backlight of your display to reduce eye strain and become more comfortable. Here are the how-to tutorials to turn it on/off and configure that. Continue reading

Add to my OneDrive option missing in OneDrive Cannot download shared Folder

I have installed OneDrive for business with Office 365 in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. Others has sent me the link of the shared files/folders via email but the “Add to my OneDrive” option is missing with multiple shared folders on the web, no matter using Edge, IE or Chrome browser. My OneDrive App also can’t sync them because it requires an username and password on login page and it does nothing with what I provided. Continue reading

How to remove Used Images from Desktop Background History in Windows 10/8 Setting app

The classic personalization way has been removed in Windows 10/8, while you can change Desktop background image through Personalization > Background in the Settings app. I configured some wallpapers on my Surface Pro 4, not long after I liked, so I decided to restore the default wallpapers. But I don’t find the names of the folders in the list and could not figure out how to remove them by such option. Continue reading

Dell Canvas 27-Inch Tablet display get multiple monitors for PC

Artists and anyone else might be going to purchase a tablet monitor with more high-quality for photography. As an all-in-one PC with a 28-inch Pixel Sense display, Microsoft Surface Studio is a beautiful invader of Apple base and give the power to do more at work and at home. Now the Dell company announces an affordable and huge 27-Inch Tablet Monitor called Canvas display and it will inevitably draw comparisons. Continue reading

How to Fix MSN Page opens in Chrome browser on Windows 10 Startup

I have setup the Google Chrome as the default browser in Windows 10 setting app on my Surface Pro 4. However, after I power up or restart the tablet and then log into the system, it pops up a dialog box asking “How do you want open this?” with Chrome pre-selected in a list of apps. I click OK button then MSN page open and load the contents automatically. Continue reading

Fix Power Plan Setting Not Working in Windows 10 anniversary update

My PC is dual boot system and has a existing Win 7 and I installed Windows 8.1 in a new partition. In Win8.1, I modified the existing power plan to setup the computer to sleep in 30 minutes with the display to turn off in 15 minutes and everything worked normally. However, After I upgraded the system to Windows 10 anniversary update, the custom power plan is not working properly. When there is one minute of inactivity, the display goes blank. Sometimes it won’t turn into sleep mode properly in time and does that on its own. Continue reading

How to enable XP Quick Launch Bar in Windows 10 taskbar

If you frequently use some apps or software on your tablet or computer, a convenient way is to use Quick Launch toolbar so you are able to access those items easily and quickly. But Windows 10 doesn’t come with this feature and it is only available in the previous versions of operate system. If you love to use the Windows XP-style interface, try the method to restore the old Quick Launch Bar for your prefer. Continue reading