Windows 10 resized and repositioned screen after sleep mode

I always used Outlook, Excel and Chrome browser on my Surface Book with the external monitor Dell U3415W. After installed the recent Windows 10 Creator updates, the system keep resizing and repositioning the screen of all applications upon wake from sleep mode. Those windows are scrunched up on the left side of my monitor. The driver is up-to-date. How can I resolve the problem?

How to fix resized and repositioned screen after Windows 10 wake up from sleep mode
The solution
* Open the Settings app from Start menu, and go to System > Display.
* On its right side pane, under Scale and layout heading, set the scaling slider to 100%.
* Click on the “Advanced Scaling settings” link, and click “Set A Custom Scaling Level”, then configure the option to 150%. However, you could also set the custom scaling of 100% and it seems to be working on some tablet or computer.
Once those change has been applied on your system, you get the 150% scaling without resolution switching. I have done that on my Surface Book and now doesn’t get the no resizing and repositioning issue in Windows 10.

If you use multiple monitors in Windows 10, try the tips.
* For example, I use a GTX 1050TI video card to connect three displays, 4K + 2HD. I confiugred 2HD + SXGA by DVI/HDMI/VGA ports and it worked fine since the updates. After I change the main screen to the DVI port, the window screen never resize and reposition.
* I have one monitor with the default resolution 3440 x 1440. After I change it to 1600×900 via control panel, the moving/resize issue is fixed. Then I set it to 1920×1080, the same thing appears again.


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