External flash drive access denied Cannot take ownership in Windows 10

I connected an external hard flash drive to my Surface Pro 4 and everything worked fine in Windows 10 anniversary update. After installed the recent updates version 1803, it can not be opened and shows access denied error message. Everytimes I try to access the ownership by the properties of the drive, it is unable to determine owner. I am only the administrator account and there is not others. How can I resolve the problem?

How to fix External flash drive access denied Cannot take ownership in Windows 10
* From your desktop, type CMD in the Start menu, right click on the CMD from result, and select Run as administrator option from menu.
* In the Command Prompt window, type the command below:

takeown /f  \ /R /D Y

Simply replace the with the target drive name and press Enter to execute it. For example, if the flash drive name is E letter, the command is takeown /f E \ /R /D Y. Then you should have the Administrators group Full Control Permissions of E drive.

If your device is HP notebook or laptop, re-boot to safe mode to check if it is fine. The Windows 10 system may be pre-installed the HP Device Access Manager program or related software. It just blocks the drive in the system.
* You need to setup your external hard disk to be accessible in the program.
* Another quick way is to un-install Device Access Manager completely and then you can access all files and folder in the flash drive.


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