Cannot install iCLoud Your computer is missing Media features in Windows 10

I have downloaded the full version of iCloud package onto my desktop. When I try to install the software to sync Apple’s cloud storage, it pops up “Your computer is missing Media features, Please download Media Feature Pack for Windows from Microsoft website and install and try again” message. I am not sure if the recent update mess things up. I could not find the way to get it working normally. How can I resolve the problem?

The iCloud setup requires Media Feature Pack. If your machine is running Windows 10 N or KN, the installation fails and alerts Your computer is missing Media features. Here are the methods to fix the issue.
* Type Control Panel into the Start menu, and select the top one from results.
* Go to Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off.
* Locate the “Media Features”, check its box, and click OK button to turn it back on.
Finally restart Windows 10 to apply the Windows Media Player and other media features, and return to install iCloud again.

If it is still not working, you might need to make changes with Registry Editor.
* Press Win + R from your keyboard, type regedit into Run dialog box, and click OK button.
* In the left side pane of Registry Editor, double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and navigate to the sub-location below:


* Go to its right side pane, double click on WindowsMediaVersion key , change its value data from 0 to 1, and click OK button. Then the iCLoud software should be installed successfully.


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