Screensaver not working with dual monitors in Windows 10

I have clean installed of Windows 10 Pro on my computer. For security reasons, I enable the screensaver feature to lock the screen and it works with one monitor after an unattended time period. However, once I use an Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 graphics card with two identical Dell monitors, the function just stop working. If I disconnect one, I still could not get the screensaver. How can I resolve the problem?

There are many issue with Screen saver when you configure it on multiple monitor in Windows 10 system. I also face another thing. For example, I would like to extend it for dual displays, but I could not figure out how to configure it correctly in the Settings app.

How to fix Screensaver Not Working with Dual Monitors In Windows 10
The simple method
* From your desktop, right-click or hold-and-press any empty area, and select Personalize to open Personalization settings.
* The next step is to click on Lock screen in the left pane.
* Scroll down the page and click on Screen Saver Settings link.
* Select the google photos screensaver from list(if you don’t have such one, get it), and click Settings button.
* Then click on Configure specific folders on my computer, navigate to the folder with the pictures you want to use and set it, and click Apply > OK button to save changes.

I noticed that a few files in a folder may stop a screensaver from starting. A folder has nothing special about the contents in the data drive (D:). I put that folder aside and make a backup with other files and folders. After I format the D to clean the drive off, I finish the copy and the screensaver is working normally.


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