Media Player cannot find album info from website in Windows 10

My Surface Pro 3 has upgraded to spring update version 1803 and run into strange problem. When I open the Windows Media Player to find Album information, it is not working from a new website and displays the webpage cannot be found message. The web address just is not a valid address and also can not used for album metadata. No third part app blockes the connection to that domain to get metadata. How can I fix it on my tablet?

If I get my music and make change with album titles, song titles and genre, Media Player doesn’t apply that and forget the new information. This is new issue in Windows 10 with the recent major updates applied. I could not get the correct track names with my music.

How to fix Media Player cannot find album info from website in Windows 10
* Press Win + R from your keyboard, type regedit into Run dialog box, and click OK button to open the Registry editor.
* Navigate to the tree location below in the left side pane:


* Go to its right side pane, find out the PREFERREDMETADATAPROVIDER and double click on it.
* Change its value date from “pmpMusicMatch” to a blank value, and save that.
* Finally restart Windows Media Player and the software will make a restoring. Then everything works well.

If it doesn’t take any effects, try another method:
* Open the File Explorer, open the system drive, and go to the location


* Launch your text editor as an Administrator, load the hosts file to edit it, and remove the line:

then save the hosts file. Now WMP Album Information has been restored well.


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