File Explorer unresponsive and crashes when right click on JPG/PDF on Windows 10

My Surface Pro 3 is running the Windows 10 Pro.It worked fine since the version 1803 update. Recently I use mouse to right click on any JPG file in C or D drive, the File Explorer turns into unresponsive and crashes then restart itself. The problem also happens with specific Filename Extension, such as .png, .rtf, .bmp, .txt, .pptx, .pdf, Office .xlsx and .docx. The execute and csv files can be opened. How can I resolve it on my tablet?

I run the System File Checker and the tool finds none corrupted system files. The file explorer window still crashes if I hold-and-press or right click on jpg file. Here are some useful tips to fix the issue.
* If you have already installed the Foxit Phantom PDF, its ConvertToPDFShellExtension causes the file Explorer crashing. I have to uninstall it and use Adobe Acrobat software actually.
* McAfee Windows security and other anti-malware program may also run into the issue. You could open Control Panel > Programs and Features, and run the McAfee Removal Tool to delete all related things.
By ShellExView
* Download a third-party software named ShellExView, and extract the zip file onto your desktop. As Shell Extensions Manager, ShellExView can help you scan for all the shell extensions, and setup context-menu entries for files, folders and drives.
* Right click on shexview.exe file and select “Run as administrator” option.
* Within ShellExView, go to Options > Hide All Microsoft Extensions. Then click Filter by Extension Type > Context Menu to get the newly compiled list.
* Select all items, right click and opt for “Disable Selected Items.” Now non-Microsoft extensions have been truned off completely. For example, I disable those items below:
ConvertToPDF Class
TheDeskTopContextMenu Class
Internet Shortcut
* Restart your machine and everything will be fine. You might need to go back to identify the culprit.


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