File Explorer show incorrect Folder Size in Windows 10 1803 update

Everything worked fine in Windows 10, since my Surface Pro 3 has been upgraded and applied to the version 1803 updates. After I transferred some file data from my old Dell PC to my tablet, I right clicked the folder to select Properties. Then I noticed that the folder size was less than actual size in File Explorer. If I went inside and selected all sub-folders, it displayed the size correctly. They are not hidden and my dropbox folder also ran into the same problem. How can I resolve it completely?

This is a bug with newly created directories in File Explorer on Windows 10 v1803 updates. The system always reports the size as around 3% the correct size. For example, I get only 649 MB folder size for that, but the actual files and folder it contained is 9 GB.

It happens with the folder name is 6 characters or more while also starts with ‘Appli’. And you will get the the folder size which is significantly less than its actual one. Once I rename it to ‘App’, its properties display the size correctly. However, on my other computer running Windows 10 v1803, the issue occurs with all folders. I copied a folder from one drive and the size is incorrect.

You could try any of the methods to get rid of that until Microsoft release the path for that.
* Within the File Explorer, move and position the mouse cursor above the folder which you want to get its size. Then it will show the indicated size correctly.
* Another way is to use third-part software. I use the TreeSize Free software on my Surface Pro 3. It really tells the right size and the right number of files and directories. The WinDirStat also does the job well.


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