Cortana cannot sync Android notifications to Windows 10

I have enabled the Cortana on my android S7 edge smartphone and Surface Pro 3. Within the app, I login and use the same Microsoft account on both devices while the Cross Device section is turned on. However, any notifications from my Android phone can not be sent to my Windows 10 tablet. I notice that the “Continue on PC” function is still working. I switched to my current phone from my previous and it was fine. even I have removed the old device. How can I fix the syncing problem across different platforms?

How to fix Cortana cannot sync Android notifications with Windows 10
* First open the Cortana for Android app, go to the top left of main screen and select the three-lined button there, choose “Sync notifications.”to open a another settings menu.
* Enable all basic notifications from there, such as low battery warnings, text alerts, and missed calls.
* Click on an option for App Notifications Sync, and choose the applications to sync. Depending on your preferences, you’d better take some time to go through them all, and select the important apps to swipe right to activate it. The random browser notifications and calendar alerts are not important, so I don’t enable them.
* Reutrn to the home screen of your smartphone, and open the built-in settings app. Locate the Notification access page, and turn on Cortana feature.
* On your Windows 10 PC, open the Settings app from Start menu, navigate to Accounts > Sync your settings, and make sure the Sync Settings is turned on.
* It that doesn’t take effect, access your Microsoft account page to remove the android from your list of devices, and delete the cash and data of Cortana from the android. Then re-install the Cortana app, add the account and cycle all the sync setting.

Another way is to switch to Google Assistent on your Android phone and use Chrome to get notifications on Windows 10. But I prefer using Edge browser.


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