Cannot install apps/games in Store after installed Windows 10 Update 1803

The Windows 10 Pro worked fine on my Surface Pro 3 tablet. After applied the May April Feature Update version 1803, I could not install any new apps or games. When I open the Windows Store and try to download one, I click “Get” button and the screen flicks for seconds. Then it return straight back to description page. How can I resolve the problem?

This is a Major bug in most recent update of Windows 10. As a part of the “Windows Store” environment, the built-in Settings app also becomes broken. When I open the display page from there, I can’t click on anything to make changes.

The APRIL 1803 update turns most of users to setup PIN sign in instead of regular password for Security. However, the new PIN keeps the Windows store from automatically signing in, so you can not download any apps. Here is the simple method to fix the issue.

* From your desktop, tap or click Store tile on the Start menu to open the Store app.
* Click on your Microsoft account picture which is right next to the search box, and click on your Microsoft account name/email address.
* In Account dialog, select the account, and click on Sign out option. Then click on “+ Add account” to log in your current account again. It will let you enter your Windows pin to verify the ID. Now you are able to get and download your preferred apps.
* If it is still not working, open the PowerShell tool and re-install the STORE.

However, the issue will happen again after you turn on your tablet or computer and log in as PIN code. To get rid of that, you have to repeat the above method every time. Another way is to use password normally to sign into your PC.


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