Windows 10 won’t boot due to bootres.dll is corrupt and unrepairable

My Surface Pro 3 is running Windows version 1709. After the security April update applied, the Malwarebytes software asked me to reboot, due to the inactive web protection. The tablet started to load the Windows, but I got stuck at the booting process and then went into black screen. I entered the recovery mode and it was fail to make a repair or restore by by SFC or CHKDSK command. It said that bootres.dll is corrupted and unrepairable. How can I resolve the problem?

The recent Windows update may be im-compatible with the installed apps or software are interfering with the system. The SrtTrail.txt file displays “Boot critical file g:\boot\resources\custom\bootres.dll is corrupt. Result: Failed. Error code = 0×2″ message. You could try the method to fix the issue.

To determine whether background programs causes corruption, you’d better perform a clean startup by this way.
* First boot your tablet or computer into safe mode. You can also restart 3 times, then try the Step by Step startup to load Windows, and select advanced Startup.
* When you log into the desktop, open the Settings app to unintall the thrid-part Anti-Virus and other Security programs, such as Malwarebytes. Then you might need to make a rebooting and boot to safe mode again.
* Type msconfig in the Start menu or Cortana Search box, and press Enter to open the System Configuration Utility.
* Click the Startup tab, un-check the startup programs boxes.
* Go to the Services tab, check the “Hide All Microsoft Services” box, then uncheck all services in the list, and click Apply > OK button.
* Then you should be able to boot into normal mode. Open the Edge browser to download Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft website and install it. Another method is to recover the Windows 10 to previous version if you have done backup.


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