Windows 10 v1803 installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase

My Windows 10 computer is running on version 1709 and can not upgrade to april 2018 cumlative v1803. I do that through the Windows Upgrade Assistant or a clean ISO. But the installation fails in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during MIGRATE_DATA operation. Then I try lots of methods, such as delete the SoftwareDistribution folder, disable the antivirus software and remove SD card, and nothing works. I press the power button to force it to shutdown then restart and it still stuck at the splash screen with the error. How can I get it working normally?

How to fix The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with Windows 10 v1803
* First you need to update the BIOSs to the latest version on your Windows 10 tablet or computer.
* The virtual technology may causes the upgraded process running into unknown issue. I restart the system and boot into the BIOS screen. Go to disabled one of the virtual options, such as Hyper threading, Intel VT-d, Virtualization, Power Management, and save changes. I repeat the way to track them down one by one. Finally I figure out that it is the Intel VT-d feature.
I disable the Intel VT-d in the BIOS screen, and then reboot to run the v1803 updates. Everything works smoothly.

If you are using the Dell machine, the built-in software may get the MIGRATE_DATA Operation Error. To get rid of that, you have to remove the Dell Data Protection Enterprise Edition Shield/Dell Encryption Enterprise Shield or Personal Edition/Encryption Personal. And also ensure all data has been properly decrypted.
* Type Control Panel in Start menu, and press Enter.
* Select Dell Encryption XX-bit and click Change option to launch the Encryption Personal Setup Wizard.
* Click Next, follow the on-screen instructions to decrypt you data, select Local System Account, and finish the process.
* Make sure the Dell Encryption Removal Agent service has been turned off.
* Restart your computer to begin the update again.


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