Turn network icons on/off greyed out in Windows 10 Settings app

I have wired and Wi-Fi connection on my Windows 10 computer and both functions work fine. However, when I open the Settings app and go to turn system icons on or off page, both of the network and Power options become greped out. The related configure has been set to On, while it is missing on the task bar at the bottom. If I logout my current account, the icon is just available at the moment. How can I resolve the problem?

By default the power on/off switch is inactive, so it turns into greyed out. Many users have reported that the network icons could not show in task bar in Windows 10, while the Network status is empty in Settings app. That cause some issues, such as cannot connect to the Microsoft Store, can not Check for updates and use the Unity game engine.

How to fix network icons greyed out in Windows 10 Settings app
* Type services.msc in the Cortana search box or Start menu, select the top matched one from result to open the Services window.
You can also open Control Panel, go to Administrative tools, and click on Services.
* Go to the right side pane, scroll down the list to locate the Windows Event Log, and double click on it.
* Within its Properties, change startup type form Disabled to Automatic, and click Apply > OK button.
* You need to repeat the same way with those items, including Windows store install, DHCP Client, Windows Update, and Update Orchestrator service. Make sure they are enabled completely.
* Finally make a rebooting to take effects.
Another useful method
* Right click on your taks bar, and select “Task Manager” from menu.
* Under the process tab, highlight the Windows Explorer, and click on End task. All of your running apps and software will disappear and come back.
* Within the top menu of Task Manager, click File > Run new task, type explorer.exe in text field, check “Create this task with administrative privileges” box, and click OK button. It restore your desktop and the network icon also appear in the task bar.


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