Surface Book 2 task view animations lag in Windows 10 4K screen

I have got a 15-inch i7 256gb dGPU Surface Book 2 and it is running Windows 10 Pro. After installed the v1803 updates recently, the Windows UI animations are laggy and the system performance doesn’t run smoothly. For example, I open the task view and switch to my work spaces, and then everything is slow and choppy. The driver of GTX1060 graphics card is up-to-date. How can I resolve the problem?

The animations lag issues also happens with other devices with 4K touchscreen, such as Dell XPS9370, and Asus Zenbook UX510UW laptop. When you open task view (Win+tab) and change to any uwp apps with fluent design, the windows UI animations like maximizing and minimizing run at low fps and extreme frame drops.

It seems that the latest version of Windows 10 is not compatible with 4K resolution, or the system doesn’t offer enough power for Intel HD graphics. All windows machines with high dpi display run into lag animations and effects. But it is strange that my Surface laptop isn’t experiencing the same thing.

To get rid of that, one solution is to decrease the current screen resolution in Windows 10.
* From your desktop, right click on any empty area, and select “Display Settings”.
* Scroll down to the “Advanced Display Settings” link, and click on it.
* In the drop-down menu, change the resolution to 1620 X 1080 and set it up at 100% scaling level, and save your changes. You can also use the lower resolution and all effects should works much smoother.

Another method is to use Custom Resolution Utility. On my 13.5 inch Surface Book 2, I use it to reduce the resolution to 2430 X 1620 at 150% scaling. and now the screen doesn’t look much lag with task view.


One thought on “Surface Book 2 task view animations lag in Windows 10 4K screen

  1. Hi, Sorry, the English language is not good. I have a ux501vw or n501vw laptop, and only in 1080 or 2160 resolution. I have problems with the first Windows 10 upgrade every year, with no BIOS upgrades. driver. And the Windows itself has not been resolved, and for two years, I regret buying a laptop with a 2140 x 3840 display. By choosing lower resolutions, I also have quality problems with blur and loss.The 4k resolution only puts the frame down and fails. The system works with a single-core CPU if it does not, and Microsoft has not yet solved the problem after two years.

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