Direct ethernet connection network path not found in Windows 10 v1803 update

My Surface Pro 5 and HP Spectre 360 laptops are running Windows 10 Pro and on my work domain. I setup them to have the static IP ( and and as subnet mask, with blank Gateway and DNS. I connect both devices using a regular ethernet cable and transfer files by Direct ethernet connection. The shared folders function was fine, but now is not working after install the version 1803 updates. Any way to resolve the problem?

When I open the Windows File Explorer and click on Network to access the mapped drive, it just pops up the “error 0×80070035 the network path not found” message. The Network sharing feature has turned on, and “password protected sharing” is disabled. I use the ping command and each device gets a response.

The Windows 10 v1709 and v1803 have changes some things with network function.
* The Network path names are case sensitive in version 1803. If the the network path names includes more than one initial uppercase letter, Windows 10 keep searching for a network path case sensitive and then fails. You’d better change the network path or PC name to lower case letters and numbers only.
* Open the Windows Firewall tool, locate the inbound rule to open its properties, and allow the port 139 to access.
Install the missing Client for Microsoft Networks
* Open Network and Sharing Center, select Change Adaptor Settings link.
* Find your used network connection and right click on it, select Properties option, and go to the Networking tab.
* Check if the Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks are listing. If not, install them and then make a rebooting to take effect.
Add Windows Credentials
* Open the Control Panel > User Accounts, and click on User Accounts title.
* Click on Manage you Credentials on the left side > Windows Credentials > Add a Windows credential.
* Type the login details, including IP address of the computer you want to connect, username and password, and click OK. Then type in the IP address in File Explorer to check if it works.


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