csrss.exe client server runtime process Spikes high GPU usage in Windows 10

I use comic productions with multiple monitors on my Windows 10 computer with Nvidia GTX 980. It worked fine since I upgraded it to the Creator Update version 1709, When I run the Clip Studio Paint for illustration, the mouse always freezes for seconds and everything becomes stutter and slow. That also happens if I play games or watch Youtube video on main display, and then system keeps crashing. Within the task manager on the second screen, I notice that the Client Server Runtime (csrss.exe) process spikes up to 100% GPU usage. Any way to resolve the problem?

The Windows 10 v1709 updates process breaks some functionality or stability, even on v1803. On my PC, the GPU temperature is at a steady 65 degrees. All of my graphics card drivers are the latest version, while the malwarebyte and roguekiller don’t find any virus.

I am sure the csrss.exe is just a system process and sometimes use higher level GPU for unknown reason. My Windows 7 computer also get the similar issue. I open the Control Panel and go to disable the Shadowplay feature completely, then nothing takes effect.

The Geforce Experience might causes the client server runtime process running into 100% GPU usage. The software with Shadowplay prevent their GPU of graphics card from idling properly. If you don’t use ShadowPlay, and GameStream to your Shield on game, uninstalling Geforce Experience completely can help you get rid of that.

If the Windows 10 doesn’t include the Geforce Experience, it may appear on the main display with multiple monitors. I launch the Clip Studio Paint on the main monitor and the csrss.exe use 100% GPU. After I switch to the other one and registered it, the software run normally.


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