Camera app 0xA00F424F PhotoCaptureFileCreationFailed on Surface Pro Windows 10

My Surface Pro is running the Windows 10 Pro with the latest 1803 updates applied. When I open the Camera app and try to take photos, it is not working and displays the error code: “0xA00F424F (0×80131500)“. But the third-part apps seems to be integrated within the front and back cameras. I re-activate the related item in device manager and re-install the app but nothing takes effect. The destination folder has enough free space. How can I resolve the problem?

The Camera app just create a new destination folder named “Camera Roll” in C:\ drive and get the “0xA00F424F (0×80131500)” error, while you are taking pictures. There is not official solution since now. If you also face the same camera issue with Surface Pro tablet, try any of the tips to get rid of that.

Re-configure the saved location
* Tap or click on the Camera icon to open the app.
* From the main screen, select the Settings cog at the top-right corner.
* Scroll down to “Related Settings” option, and click on “Change where photos and videos are saved”. Then click Yes button to confirm that.
* Click on the drop down menu with the “New photos and videos will be saved to”. And change the position of saving your picture and video from C: to SD card or alternatively USB flash drive if available. I change it D: drive in File Explorer and nothing works.
* Finally click on Apply button to save changes.
Reset the Camera
* Within File Explorer, go inside the My Pictures folder in C:\ drive, and delete the Camera Roll Folder. Right click any empty area to create a new folder and naming it Camera Roll.
* Open the Settings app from Start menu, select the System > Apps and features. Go to Camera > Advanced Options, and click on Reset option.


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