Blurry text/font with multi monitors in Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system has the annoying problem if you use the high resolution monitors. The system can not do scaling properly. The text in Start menu and all programs become bold and italic font and looks weird. I ran the sfc command and applied default theme and nothing worked on my Windows 10 computer with v1803 update. Any way to resolve it? Continue reading

Windows 10 help page opens in Chrome/Firefox browser on startup

My Surface Pro tablet works fine with Windows 10 Pro. After the spring update 1803 is installed and I log into my desktop, Google Chrome browser automatically opens the Windows Help web page at startup. I have already cleared the local cache in Chrome and Edge. It happens at every bootup process. I don’t want to use the Edge which lacks of many function. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

JPG cannot preview in File Explorer after Windows 10 fall update 1709

I am a graphic designer and put lots of photos on my Windows 10 computer. After installed the Fall Update (1709), the File Explorer doesn’t preview any jpg files. But others format files like pdf, xlxs, docx display fine in the preview pane. Now I have to open the JPG one by one to see if it’s the file I’m looking for. I re-configure the default program and it is not working. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

Installed/Added ram not fully showing up in Windows 10 updates

I have installed 6GB DDR3 1600hz Kingston ram in my Windows 10 Pro 64-bit computer. But the system does not recognize all my RAM after installed version 1803. It just only says that 4GB RAM. I run the CPU-Z tool and it reports the device supports up to 16GB. I could not run apps and games with multitask smoothly. How can I resolve it? Continue reading

Windows 10 won’t boot due to bootres.dll is corrupt and unrepairable

My Surface Pro 3 is running Windows version 1709. After the security April update applied, the Malwarebytes software asked me to reboot, due to the inactive web protection. The tablet started to load the Windows, but I got stuck at the booting process and then went into black screen. I entered the recovery mode and it was fail to make a repair or restore by by SFC or CHKDSK command. It said that bootres.dll is corrupted and unrepairable. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Turn network icons on/off greyed out in Windows 10 Settings app

I have wired and Wi-Fi connection on my Windows 10 computer and both functions work fine. However, when I open the Settings app and go to turn system icons on or off page, both of the network and Power options become greped out. The related configure has been set to On, while it is missing on the task bar at the bottom. If I logout my current account, the icon is just available at the moment. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Direct ethernet connection network path not found in Windows 10 v1803 update

My Surface Pro 5 and HP Spectre 360 laptops are running Windows 10 Pro and on my work domain. I setup them to have the static IP ( and and as subnet mask, with blank Gateway and DNS. I connect both devices using a regular ethernet cable and transfer files by Direct ethernet connection. The shared folders function was fine, but now is not working after install the version 1803 updates. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

Surface Book 2 task view animations lag in Windows 10 4K screen

I have got a 15-inch i7 256gb dGPU Surface Book 2 and it is running Windows 10 Pro. After installed the v1803 updates recently, the Windows UI animations are laggy and the system performance doesn’t run smoothly. For example, I open the task view and switch to my work spaces, and then everything is slow and choppy. The driver of GTX1060 graphics card is up-to-date. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

csrss.exe client server runtime process Spikes high GPU usage in Windows 10

I use comic productions with multiple monitors on my Windows 10 computer with Nvidia GTX 980. It worked fine since I upgraded it to the Creator Update version 1709, When I run the Clip Studio Paint for illustration, the mouse always freezes for seconds and everything becomes stutter and slow. That also happens if I play games or watch Youtube video on main display, and then system keeps crashing. Within the task manager on the second screen, I notice that the Client Server Runtime (csrss.exe) process spikes up to 100% GPU usage. Any way to resolve the problem? Continue reading

Camera app 0xA00F424F PhotoCaptureFileCreationFailed on Surface Pro Windows 10

My Surface Pro is running the Windows 10 Pro with the latest 1803 updates applied. When I open the Camera app and try to take photos, it is not working and displays the error code: “0xA00F424F (0×80131500)“. But the third-part apps seems to be integrated within the front and back cameras. I re-activate the related item in device manager and re-install the app but nothing takes effect. The destination folder has enough free space. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading